What Builds Momentum in your Direct Sales Business?

I hear it a lot from my coaching clients. How do I build momentum? Well for me momentum happened in my team when things happened easily, when we had one success following another success and I was busy recognizing people and handing out tons of rewards. Looking back when we hit the first million-dollars in sales, I knew it was a specific campaign I implemented to grow a recruiting culture that began in January and grew like wildfire when we hit April.

It’s the beginning of 2018 and how will you get momentum going so you can experience a successful first 90 days?  Well this is not rocket science! To me momentum builds when you are CONSISTENT! Yep – that’s all it takes.

Consistent with Booking Parties Getting bookings is the NUMBER ONE struggle for all direct sellers. I read it on social media a lot.   And the reason people struggle is because they are not consistently working at getting bookings EVERY DAY!   Check my you tube channel for the top 5 Booking activities I recommend to use every week.


Once you get consistent with your daily activities, momentum grows and your calendar is always full.

Consistent with Customer Care. Again, I hear over and over .. “How can I connect with customers, when its been so long since I contacted to them?”

Start now! Yes, today! Schedule a time every week to contact customers – yes, even the ones you haven’t spoken to in over a year – and start connecting with them consistently.   Make phone calls, send a monthly customer newsletter, invite them to join VIP group, just connect and then plug it in to do it consistently. “Hey Susie, it’s Gale from XYZ company, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I was leafing through my catalog today and I thought of you, and here’s why…” (and tell her about a product you think she would love and start building that relationship.)  It’s never too late.

Consistent with Spoiling your Hostesses The number one person who can make your business rock is your hostess! When you build a BFF friendship, and her party is a huge success because everyone had a fabulous time and she got tons of free products, she will share EVERYTHING about that fabulous experience with the world!

So spoil your hostess every time! Go the extra mile – learn about her life and her family. Connect with her three times before the party and help her get the right people there. ALWAYS have a special hostess gift (just from you to her) that makes her feel so special. ALWAYS send a written thank you note. ALWAYS, keep connecting with her, keep building the friendship.   Some of my best friends today loved being MY hostess because I spoiled them.

Consistent with Coffee chat conversations. Like I said above, the biggest momentum in my team was when our team recruiting exploded. The campaign was all around having coffee chat conversations consistently every week. I trained my team “how” to do Coffee Chats and they were rewarded each time. It was this CONSISTENCY that got everyone mentioning the business opportunity at every party, calling prospects to invite them to hear more, inviting prospects to our Take a Look events.

Consistent with helping new recruits achieve success in first 90 days. What type of system do you have for a new recruit in their first 90 days? Your company lays out the plan, but it’s up to you, her sponsor, to guide and be a supportive resource to have a successful launch and earn all levels of the fast start incentive.

When you have every new team member achieve all of this CONSISTENTLY, you’re building a team of business builders.

Get my 90-day New Recruit success handout here

Don’t keep putting things off.  “It’s time for Baseball practice, Luke!” This was my husband’s call every afternoon this past summer.   Luke dragged himself off the couch from watching his favorite TV program with every step, going at a snail’s pace.  Once he got out in the park and began hitting balls he had some momentum and every ball his grandpa pitched at him, it got easier and easier and he didn’t want to stop til poor old grandpa was exhausted.

Once you have consistency, then momentum grows!   Do you realize how simple this can be? You probably do.  But it’s going to take your determination to just get started….to get the momentum going.

To get momentum going you need the right tools.  The 2018 Direct Sales Planner is the right tool where you actually write down your Booking activities, Party activities, New Business activities and Recruiting Activities every day!   This PLANNER will change the way you run your business, especially if you add the COMPANION to the DIRECT SALES PLANNER where you can actually follow an activity list for each area.

It’s a New Year – time for a fresh start!   What are you waiting for? Take all these ideas and get into action get some momentum going!


Kickoff January with a Fun and Inspiring Team Meeting

It’s a new year and what a better way to kickoff the year with a FUN and inspiring team meeting. When you INSPIRE your team with FUN people get excited an love to “belong” to your WINING team.

Here are my tips to kickoff 2018 with a FUN & INSPIRING Team Meeting…

Promote Team meeting: If you want people to attend, you must promote your meeting consistently. I strongly suggest you hold your meeting on the same day every month to role model consistency. Lay out the dates for the team beginning in January. Promote these dates in your weekly newsletter, AND social media. You might even send a postcard in mail. The best way to get people to your team meeting is to delegate a job. Make a special call to a team member for her assistance, or involve team members in tasks each month on a rotating basis. Delegating tasks for team members is showing you value their contributions.

Energy and Excitement.  Begin your January meeting with energy and excitement!   As they come through the door welcome everyone with a special glass of champagne or Apple Cider and give each person a special 3×5 card to write down ONE goal for 2018.   When everyone has greeted each other, ask each person to stand and share her ONE goal!   This is very powerful and motivating as each person hears the excitement in everyone’s voice as they look forward to a new year. When your meeting has energy and excitement you are motivating and inspiring members to build profitable businesses

Team Meeting Goal. Your goal at a team meeting is for every team member to leave excited and ready!   Ready to book parties. Ready to find new recruits. Ready to grow their business. Use this quick checklist to make sure you are meeting your goal

  • Everyone learns new ideas,
  • Everyone feels comfortable to participate as an active contributor
  • Team members are laughing, smiling and having fun together.
  • They are learning NEW ways to sell products
  • They are recognized for their efforts
  • They takes notes because they hear great NEW ideas
  • They attend because they don’t want to miss seeing fellow team friends,
  • They LOVE BELONGING to this special group in this wonderful company!

Recognition – Recognition – Recognition, Successful leaders know the value of praise and recognition! HIGHLIGHT as many people who attend your meeting as possible.

“What an amazing month, team! We nailed our team goals!”

“Congratulations, Erin on your promotion to Senior Sales Consultant! Way to go!”

“Mary signed a new recruit at a vendor event this week! Awesome!”

These are positive words of recognition and it is the best way to motivate team members to take action. Recognizing people at your TEAM MEETING can have a profound impact on the culture of your team! When you recognize team members for their efforts, they feel appreciated, and they motivate others to take action.

Product Knowledge TIPS.   Offering tips about your product is the #1 reason why most people attend a team meeting. Take the time to always have A VISUAL DISPLAY of your products that you recommend for every party. If you have NEW PRODUCTS in January make sure you have them available for team members to try so they will immediately order the new kits. This is a surefire way to get NEW BOOKINGS in 2018

EXERCISE:   Have each team member choose their “favorite” product from your display. Then have each person stand and share how she sells this product at her parties. This is one of the most powerful ways for people to learn how to SELL the products. People get excited and inspired when they hear words other people use or a different twist on what they say about a product.

Training topic: Allow 20 minutes to train on a specific topic that inspires them to grow. Lay out TWELVE training topics for the year.  INSPIRE your team in January with a training about goal setting or creating a vision board. Learn more about training your team in the CG academy membership program.

Opportunity time at your Team Meeting   I suggest you encourage team members to bring prospects/guests who are thinking about joining your team. Then, hold a 15-20 minute Opportunity Time. Create a habit with your team members to consistently bring guests to every meeting

End meeting with an inspiring quote or message.  Your words matter so take the time to find an inspiring message for everyone to leave your meeting  ready to jump start their January with gusto!

Want MORE ways to lead your team with a FUN & INSPIRING team meeting that nobody want to miss?

I created the TEAM MEETING BUNDLE of webinars, pdf workbooks and templates to help you create your own energetic and exciting team meeting that nobody will want to miss because it is such an important TOOL to help you grow your leadership skills and have consistent bookings, consistent sales and consistent recruiting on your team!

When you have a Team Meeting SYSTEM to follow every month with an Agenda template, and a step-by-step guideline, it makes consistency and commitment simple!

BOTTOM line, when you know how to bring the team together once a month at a powerful team meeting you will see an enormous SHIFT in your business.

Kickoff your YEAR in JANUARY with a team meeting that is FUN and inspires everyone who attends to take action to grow their business.

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Keep your Team engaged in the last 2 weeks and FINISH STRONG!

I’ve been hearing from many leaders who are working on getting January booked NOW, but the question came up recently..

“OMG, how do I keep the team motivated in these last 2 weeks of the year?”

This is where it’s important to kick in your team communication system and remind your team they have gone the distance so far this year and the last two weeks are the last leg to end the year in victory by achieving their year end goals, and the year end team goals.

Here are a few tips that might help you keep your team inspired to take action in these last two busy weeks of 2017 and finish strong!  (Tweet this)

 End of year parties.

  • It’s not over til it’s over… It is still possible to book parties with people before Christmas and after Christmas. Some hostesses who have their homes decorated want to have people over.  If you make the offer, someone may want to take you up on it.
  • Encourage team to hold a mystery hostess party in their V.I.P. group team calendar with a special holiday gift for orders over $100.
  • Keep the Team CALENDAR in front of the team so they know who is booking in the last 2 weeks of the year. This encourages everyone to keep holding parties.
  • Create a SUPER incentive for the person who holds the “LAST PARTY OF THE YEAR” on the team. Keep sharing this so people get into the competition and want to be the last one to hold a party.

Customer Care

  • Encourage team to follow up and thank their customers for the business. Either phone, email or instant message. Wishing customers Happy Holidays triggers them to think about last minute gifts you might have on hand.
  • Re-orders are always important, people running out of product want to order NOW so they have enough product to get them through the holidays.
  • People have money after Christmas – so offer an “END OF YEAR SPECIAL” in your customer VIP Group.
  • Send an END OF YEAR NEWSLETTER to customers mentioning “end of year” special.
  • Incentivize team members who make 5 CUSTOMER “CHEER” CALLS A DAY, and give them the verbiage to use wishing customers a Happy New Year! (This may lead to extra orders and getting bookings in the New Year.)

Be your own best customer (This is so important.   Encourage team member to be their own best customer and buy their OWN products as gifts for family and friends. There’s no better way to promote your products and they are buying them at their own deep discount.

End of year recruiting

  • December is a great time to join a direct sales company, so encourage team members to follow up in the next two weeks with potential prospects. These are people who were interested over the least 3 months, but for some reason weren’t ready to join. A short phone call to a prospect sharing the benefits of joining before December 31st, might be the reason to sign up now!
  • Hold a TEAM “Take a Look” zoom call for your team for those prospects who are interested in joining before December 31st. Offer a bonus gift for those who sign up before the 31st.
  • Be available for team to hold 3-way calls with prospects who want to know more about your business opportunity.

End of year Team Goals and Incentives

  • create a team sales incentive to sell $500 in the last two weeks of 2017 and everyone gets a reward
  • Make one on-one appointments with A&B team members – goal setting appointments for 2018
  • Focus on TEAM SALES VOLUME and let team know where you’re at for the year and how December sales volume will hit a high.
  • Schedule a short mini-training on hostess coaching before the end of the year to help them hold their January bookings.
  • Offer a big prize for ALL Team Members who book 10 parties in the first 10 weeks of 2018.

These are just a few activities you can do as a leader to keep your team engaged. That’s the key – being active yourself and leading from the front!

What separates winning from losing? It’s always the final stretch, the final seconds the final shot. There are more points scored in the final 2 minutes of any game and in retail it is those final sales that happen in the last 45 days of the year. Winning only takes a little bit more… and it’s that little bit more you do to encourage your team over the next two weeks that will make the difference in finish STRONG IN 2017.

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When you FINISH STRONG at the end, you go into a NEW year with a winning spirit and ready to prosper in your Direct Sales Business. Now is the time to think about PLANNING your next year, and what a better way than doing it with the 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER!

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Finish strong and have a winning year and get ready to Make 2018 your most wildly and successful year ever!





Get outstanding RESULTS in your Direct Sales Business

I was so pumped this week to hear from a number of coaching clients who had their best month ever in November 2017!

They were over the moon with their outstanding results.

  • OUTSTANDING Parties!
  • OUTSTANDING Recruiting!
  • OUTSTANDING Teamwork!

That’s because in my coaching programs I teach and share the importance of tracking areas of your business to help you achieve your goals. At the end of the day, If you don’t track your results you won’t know how to hit important targets and most important you won’t know what’s working in your business.

Tracking with Calendar Confidence brings you consistent bookings

Of course, the most important TRACKING is your booking calendar. Having a clear and consistent calendar to track your available dates to fill your calendar is the first step to having a successful business. In the 2018 Direct Sales Planner, you learn the important green sticky note system that builds your confidence in asking for bookings and filling your those available dates with what I call the “booking love language.”

We track your goals and create activities to hit those goals every month. This keeps you on task to knowing exactly how to coach your hostess, work your social media program, and follow-up with an automated customer care system.

Tracking Results happen from taking action!

All this action builds your momentum and at the end of the month you have two pages dedicated to tracking your sales, your bookings and your recruiting progress..

In the 2018 Direct sales planner you track your year to date sales and party results which includes your sales, your future bookings and those prospects you met at every party for follow-up.

If you are focused on earning your company trip incentive you have a place to stay consistent.   If you are growing a team, there is place to track your top recruit leads for the month and create a follow-up list for the next 30 days. When you track your business using this page every month, you will understand if you need to schedule more parties, or appointments to hit your goals

Track Results in the 2018 Direct Sales Planner  If you want outstanding results, now is the time to order your 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER!

The 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER is now available for PRE-SALE to help you track your business and get results!

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Its a wonderful time of year – it’s TRANSITION time, so you want to be ready to transition and finish strong so you’re ready to hit the NEW YEAR with your JANUARY calendar ready to go. I will send you the date your planner will ship as soon as it’s ready!

Make 2018 your most wildly and successful year ever tracking your business and getting OUTSTANDING results!




Three tools to Duplicate your Direct Sales Team in December

December is one of the best months to duplicate and add new recruits to your team. What is duplication anyway? It basically means everyone on the team duplicating activities over and over to achieve successful results! When you create a recruiting culture on your team, you have duplication.

It’s the end of the year and people are looking ahead for a change or a new opportunity! You have a beautiful gift to offer in your business opportunity. Here are my top three tools to help you duplicate your team in December.

#1 Share Scripts at parties.  Many team members are missing out on finding recruits because they simply don’t have the verbiage or know what to say at their parties.

Share with your team “how” to speak to a prospect at in-home parties or “how” to write a script for a post in a facebook party. This will give them confidence in building relationships with prime prospects.

I believe scripts are so important. You want to have a script for everything you do so your team will be duplicating and having success bringing on new team members. Success scripts help team members overcome being salesy or pushy and when you equip them with the right verbiage they take massive action. A simple script to use at their December parties might be…

I’m looking for people who are open to an opportunity for the new year! December is a great month to start a business. Would an extra $500 or $1,000 make a difference in your family’s finances right now? Schedule a coffee chat with me and I’ll share reasons why “now” is the best time to join!”

Sharing scripts with your team right now in December will give them the confidence to make the OFFER and that creates massive duplication inside your team.

#2 Create a Duplicating Culture with 3-way zoom calls. This was by far the most successful tool I used to grow my team. Offering 3-way calls with team members and their prospects and you. This is on-the-job training where you set guidelines for them to schedule a 3-way call with 3 people.

  1. Your Team Member (who wants to improve her skills at sharing the opportunity.
  2. Her Prospect (who wants to learn more about the opportunity.)
  3. You (who has the experience to share the opportunity and usually close the prospect.)

Get your calendar cleared so you can schedule your available dates for your team members to contact their prospects and set a time for all THREE of you to be together. As the leader, you are the expert at sharing and closing prospects to join your team.

The more 3-way conversations you schedule in December, the more advantage you have to duplicating your team at a faster rate.

#3 Reward team for duplication activities I always share with my clients, the phrase.. “What you recognize will be repeated.”   Recognize and reward duplication activities like

  • sharing the business opportunity every week
  • handing out 3 recruiting packets at every party
  • Contacting prospects every week
  • Scheduling 3-way conversations each week

When you offer “activity” incentives  will find your team is growing and duplicating at a more rapid pace.

In December, when people are open to new opportunities with a new year coming up, create a TEAM INCENTIVE for sponsors who bring on new recruits by December 31, 2017.

And, here’s a fourth tools BONUS!  when these new team members come on board in December, share with them

  • The new business owner makes immediate sales sharing the new business with friends and family who will want to buy holiday gifts NOW!
  • IT’S the best socializing time of the year! The new recruit will meet old friends, new friends, friends they haven’t seen in a while to share they’ve started a new business.
  • If traveling for the holidays, it’s a great time to share the new business with family or friends. Maybe friends & family visiting you – It’s a great time to practice your demonstration on the visitors, they may be your first clients.
  • Attend team meetings at the end of the year and invite guests who might want to buy, book or join.
  • Experience selling the holiday gifts at great holiday prices – this experience helps set up success in the new year..
  • Have the advantage of buying the products at a deep discount and tax deductible “gifts” for own use.

All of which  leads to great tax benefits of starting a business before Dec 31st!

Share this blog post with your team members and get your NEW TEAM members started strong in the first 30-60-90 days by following my 90-day New Recruit tips in this free download.


Also don’t forget to follow my FINISH STRONG series

on my you tube channel here.








5 Secrets to Increase your sales during the Holiday season

We have hit the golden time!  This week I asked every one of my clients what was their marketing plan to have high sales during the next SIX weeks? Why?  Because in the GOLDEN TIME, you can have your highest sales for the year and break all records if you are ready to give it your all in the next six weeks!

The GOLDEN TIME is the time when people spend nearly $1000 on gifts for family and friends.  You know that you have the BEST products and gifts for family and friends, and none of these are sold in any stores, they are only sold through YOU, a direct sales consultant.

In this year of 2017 there are more people connected to their smart phones, their desk top computers, ordering goods online than ever!  Social media is at an ALL TIME high during the golden time. That means people are on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest apps MORE than any other time of the year. They are typing in KEY WORDS and coming with amazing ideas for gifts and you want to be part of their gift giving wish list. This means there are more potential customers and hostesses waiting to see what you’re offering.

So, what can you do to attract more customers to buy NOW? Once they buy NOW, you can funnel them into your customer care system and that’s when they stick around and continue buying.   Here are my top FIVE SECRETS to increase your sales during this amazing golden time.

  1. At Parties – use the Holiday gift giving wish list! If you’re not using a Holiday Gift Giving wish list at your parties, you’re missing out big time. This is the time when your expertise in what gift is best for little Johnny’s teacher, or for that crazy wonderful mother-in-law, or every member of the immediate family, you have THE solution when you work with your Holiday Gift Giving wish list at every party.   Make sure every guest at every party has one in their hands. If you’re doing a facebook party, create a google doc with a link so they can download it and have it handy when you go LIVE and share your BEST products that make the BEST gifts for specific people in their circle of influence. You will be their holiday hero, because of your expertise in sharing the best products for them on their Holiday Gift Giving wish list.

Make sure you have this little golden gem of a Holiday Gift Giving wish list at your Black Friday event as well. That’s the day everyone is truly looking for gift guiding.

  1. Create a social media calendar and be organized in working with customers in your Customer VIP Facebook group.  If you don’t have a Customer VIP Facebook group, now is the time to create one!   IMPORTANT POINT: Never ever add anyone to this group without their permission.
  • Create a calendar to post regularly in this important group. At least 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Get into the holiday fun with lots of holiday cheer. Post recipes for cookies, drinks, holiday ideas along with your solutions to your own products.
  • Make this group so much fun – ask fun holiday questions, recommend holiday movies and generally get a ton of interaction.
  • Post your SPECIALS for the month and a big special for anyone who hosts a Facebook party.
  • Hold a HOLIDAY mystery hostess party in this group and share your specials.
  • Post about your holiday bundles and share the VALUE they will receive ordering your best bundles.
  • Give holiday gifts to people who recommend friends to join this special group.
  • MOST OF ALL – GO LIVE in this group at least once a week, be festive, wear a Santa hat, and be the solution for everyone’s holiday gift giving wish list.
  1. Create a Holiday Gift Guide for your customer newsletter! Have you made up a gift guide – you know the ones that say, Gifts under $50 and $100?   People have a budget but when you create a Gift Guide with choices of what they can afford for each family member or friend they need gifts.   Having a physical flyer, you can hand-out at your parties, or even mail to customers, helps you have higher sales from people who are looking for that exact amount on gifts they want to spend.

Get a little creative with your gift guide and mention available gifts for work at home moms, or corporate women. Gifts for the environment, gifts for entrepreneurs, gifts for organizing an office. Stretch your creativity in giving people great suggestions and solutions for their gift giving.

  1. Hold a 12-days of Christmas campaign – plan it now! This is one of the most successful campaigns I recommend to all my clients. It’s a campaign my team and I ran every December for 12 days. You virtually get permission from customers to send them a special email every day for 12 days with a fabulous product tip, along with your special of the day.   You can offer
  • stocking stuffer sales – order 2 get one for free
  • A free shipping day
  • Gift certificates
  • 10%-15% off day
  • Offer bundles at special prices
  • Black and white specials
  • Book a party in January day & get free shipping

All orders must be placed by midnight the night of the day, so be organized sending emails early in the morning. You could also do this in your Customer VIP group or even on Instagram or in your Facebook business page, with special posts every day for 12 days.

Get your customer database list updated and be prepared to spend 30 minutes every day for 12 days taking orders and have a successful campaign!

  1. Hold an annual Customer Appreciation Party! For me this was a non-negotiable. My customers looked forward to this event all year long. And the best part was it always set up my January calendar with bookings. I would go all out for my customers and usually held this in the first week of December. I’m a Christmas freak, so having my home decorated and ready and serving hot mulled wine or hot apple cider, got everyone in the spirit. This was all about helping everyone with their HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING! Even if they weren’t my products we brainstormed ideas so they had a complete list and felt great about their lists being taken care of when they left.

It’s time to step up your Holiday gift giving game!   Use these 5 secrets to have your best holiday season ever! Plan it out NOW! Get your calendar so full, you’re only taking reservations for January bookings.

So, I’m asking you same question, “What is your marketing plan for high sales during the golden time?”

Here’s a copy of my 20 Holiday Selling Ideas to help you have your highest sales ever in the GOLDEN TIME!



How I Met My Million Dollar Team – Part 3 Networking Stories

This is a story about the power of follow-up!

Alice lived in Denver and was an executive for a large non-profit organization traveling around the world.   She was attending a high powered corporate meeting and was impressed with a colleague’s outfit!   A conversation with her Canadian colleague found her curious to find out if she could find the clothes in the U.S.

Alice found the US headquarters in Chicago and called our corporate headquarters to find how she could purchase the fashions in Denver.   She was referred to me and of course I followed up immediately when I was given the lead from our head office.

Alice booked a private fitting appointment with me! In fact, I went to her home for the fitting showing her how to use 10 pieces of clothing to make over 30 outfits that would help her with her busy travel and corporate position. She was delighted and decided to be a hostess! (My job was to convert every private fitting appointment into a booking.)

Alice had a fantastic group of friends and her first party was a huge success. Over $1000 in sales and two future bookings, one of which was Alice who was ready to do another party in a couple of weeks. I made some terrific friendships with Alice and her group of friends and we did parties every time we had a new collection!


Alice became one of my top hostesses, and one of my rules is to share the business opportunity with every hostess. Alice and I had a coffee chat conversation about two weeks after her second party. I knew that she was a busy executive, but because she loved the clothes so much and had a great group of friends, I thought she would be ideal. She was impressed with the business opportunity, but she was NOT ready to join at that time. So I kept following up with great customer service with Alice, and she was one of my top hostesses every new product release.

Then, one day, I received a call from Alice who said she was ready to truly look at the business opportunity because her job had been eliminated in her organization.

Alice signed up and decided to be on the fast track to build her business. She had a very strong “why” with teenagers in high school getting ready for college.

Fast forward 2 years later.

Alice and I are walking through THIS magical forest in Cork, Ireland. We have both won the trip for the millionaire’s circle spending 5 days and nights at the amazing Sheen Falls Lodge in Cork. It’s 6 in the morning, the air is fresh with morning dew and the forest feels like fairies and goblins are hiding amidst all the lichen and moss! We both loved to walk early in the morning and this was one of the most beautiful walks through the forest and along the banks of the lake.

Alice says to me.. “Gale, I cannot thank you enough!”

I turn to Alice and say, “Alice, don’t thank me, you have done a fantastic job leading your team to the million dollar circle, and I am so so proud of all your efforts. It is my honor to have you join me on this amazing journey.”

Then, Alice said to me, “No, Gale, that’s not why I’m thanking you. I’m thanking you because you asked me to join our company NINE times before I said yes.”

I was floored – I hadn’t realized it was NINE times! But in actual fact it was. Every time Alice was a hostess, I’d say to her, “Alice, you’d be so great at this, is it time for you to join?” I’d just gently keep following up with her to see if NOW is the right time for her to join.

And as you see above, because I kept asking and following up and building a fantastic friendship with Alice, when she was ready she called ME! And she became my first million-dollar circle leader on my team!

The Power of follow up with prime prospects is to keep going until the time is right for them!

This is what I teach my coaching clients so they understand that when a person is ready to join, they are ALL IN , they “want” to grow a business and the net result can be extremely exciting when you help team members grow their strong teams because everyone benefits!

I’m having a fantastic week teaching 45 women how to find the right people who are ready to join their team in a private Team Building Boot Camp.

There are still a few slots left in my L.E.A.P. mastermind Coaching Group. Is it your time to learn these skills? Then join our group and be inspired by others who are like you and want to learn to build a strong and dynamic team.?

Learn more about it here and message me at mymentorbiz@gail.com if you are ready to join.





How I Met My Million-Dollar Team Part 2 – Networking stories

Read this sequence of events:  A Husband – An in-flight conversation – A trip to Boulder – Beginning of a beautiful friendship – A party – Booked a party with a top seller – A Fashion organization – Many Coffee Chat conversations – Another Top seller – an EXLOSION in Texas!

It all began with a husband sitting on a flight home to Denver and chatting with his seat companion. She was a Canadian who shared information about her fun fashion business. The husband was intrigued with the fashion concept and went home to his darling wife, Barbara, who also became intrigued. Barbara found the company was also in the United States, so she called the company and asked for a referral and guess what, the closest person to her was none other than yours truly.

Barb and I met for coffee in downtown Denver and we immediately clicked. I found out she was a talented artist who designed hats, jewelry and had worked in a fashion house. She agreed to host a party and was excited to see the fashions. Some of you have heard my story about Driving North to Boulder, Colorado. It was a 2-hour drive for me on the big highways at peak hour traffic. That may seem lame for some, but I’m a small town island girl, so this was a big deal for me. I had to have that attitude of “Whatever It Takes!”

Barb’s party was a HUGE success, and of course, I planted lots of seeds for her to join, but she was one of those detailed people who needed to think about it and gather more information. It wasn’t until a couple months later when I invited Barb to my monthly TEAM MEETING, when she decided to join! (Always invite your prospects to your monthly Team meeting.)

However, I had booked a party from Barb’s party with Linda! Linda was organized and probably the best hostess I have every worked with in all my career. She knew exactly who to invite. She knew how to invite them. Her party was over $2,000 because she wanted a ton of FREE clothes. Then, of course, Linda was interested in joining and I wanted to make sure when she joined she would be Barbara’s first recruit! Which she was! Linda went on to become one of the TOP SELLERS in the whole company and a great Team Leader.

Barb invited me to join the Denver Fashion Group, a networking group for Fashion professionals. What an exciting networking group to mingle with like-minded people. At this networking group, Barb introduced me to Leann.   I learned that Leann loved having tea at 4:00 pm every afternoon like myself, so we scheduled a time for tea the next day and she was ready to sign on board right away (we signed her with Barb, of course.)

Leann is one of those super professional and natural leaders of women, who’s purpose in life is to empower others and make a difference for all women especially in the fashion world. What a privilege it has been to have Leann in my life. Leann loved the whole concept and grew a magnificent team and became an authentic and dynamic leader in my downline.

Barb also wanted me to help her introduce our business opportunity to two top producers in a high end fashion company (not direct sales.) Again, I was privileged to meet two dynamic women, Lois and Mary, who loved our wardrobe solution fashion concept and they signed on doing many fashions shows together as a team.

Then, one day, Linda called me to help “her” share the business opportunity with a friend of hers who had just returned from living in Italy for 5 years. The minute I met Kathy I was enthralled because she was the “ideal” recruit.   Who is your “ideal” recruit? (Take a minute and write down the characteristics and qualities of the person you want to recruit – here’s A FREE worksheet to begin.)

Kathy lived high up in the mountains and began to have extremely successful fashion parties in her area. She was very outgoing, very friendly, with high energy and it was these qualities that attracted people to buy from her.   One day, she announced her husband had a new job in Texas and she was moving. What an opportunity for her to open up a new area in our Company. (Do you know that is your opportunity even today?)

Texas Explosion Remember I said Kathy was the Ideal recruit? Well she did indeed open up the state of Texas by becoming the #1 SELLER in the whole of the nation. Kathy’s parties were amazing! She was extremely organized with systems. She had a “waiting list” of hostesses who wanted to be on her calendar. She also became a great Team Leader. I invested in Kathy by flying out to Texas to help her recruit and train her team.

One Recruit can have a COMPOUND EFFECT  Darren Hardy says in his book “The Compound Effect, “Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE”

So, you can see how one recruit on your team, like Barbara, can have a compound effect on growing to the million-dollar level. Barbara-Linda-Lois-Mary-Leann-Kathy brought many other wonderful women into our team. The BIG PAY OFFS was being prepared to hold 3-way coffee chat conversations that led to the growth of our million dollar team.

Three-way coffee chat conversations were one of my secret strategies. Another was holding consistent “Take a Look” opportunity events for my team members to bring prospects. These events were the spark that attracted the RIGHT PEOPLE to join. The RIGHT PEOPLE were those who were interested in

  • Our fashion products
  • Our Company program
  • Our Team camaraderie, and
  • Our Team culture to help women build their confidence with the right outfits.

The explosion across Texas began all the way back when I made that fateful drive north to Boulder, Colorado.   I didn’t know at the time the long reaching effect this would have on my team, but I was willing to INVEST my time and energy into helping team members learn the right way to share our business opportunity.

This week I’m taking 45 women on a journey in a private Team Building Boot Camp and teaching them the way to find people who are out there looking for opportunity.

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How I Met My Million Dollar Team Members – Networking stories

We are moving into the most social time of the year and it’s this time of year where we make new friends, reconnect with old friends and get together with friends of friends.

It’s this time of year when people are thinking of others, thinking of gifts to buy and thinking of adding value to others. It’s this time of year when people are looking for your products and your opportunity!

So, this week I’m starting a 5-part series on how I met my million dollar team members! It’s about my journey of networking, building relationships and deep, deep friendships that ultimately lead to a life changing experience.

Part One – Pam, Marilyn and Cathy

This week I want to highlight how I met three team members through a chamber of commerce!  

I had no idea about the benefits of joining a Chamber of Commerce when I first moved to Denver, Colorado.   From the day I walked through the chamber door, I was excited about the events they offered.

I first attended the Chamber Orientation event and learned about the many opportunities a chamber offers to meet other business people.

What I love about Chambers of Commerce is they are full of business people who want to do business with you. They offer Business Education, Business Networking, Business Leads Groups and more.

After attending the Orientation group, I thought I’d dive right in and volunteer. My first experience was to help spread the Chamber information visiting businesses around Denver dropping off brochures. What a better way than to get to know business people in the city. I arrived at the Chamber bright and early and met the group. The chamber officer pared us up with another member and I was so fortunate to be pared up with Pam!  Pam and I did our work dropping brochures and pamphlets off at the various businesses, but in our driving time, we talked about our own businesses. Pam had just started a brick and mortar business and because I’d had experience in running my own Retail shops, I was able to help her with some advice.   Then the tables turned and she asked me about my business. And that’s when the magic happened, she kept asking questions. Questions like, “ How did I sell my fashions at parties” “How profitable was my business?”   “How many hours did it take to earn a consistent income?” I had my sponsoring ears on and yes, by the next week, Pam came over to try on the clothes and decided to join my team. She went on to become one of my Incentive winners and grew a team that contributed to our million dollar sales.

Next I attended my first Business Education workshop on “How to make a First Impression.” And I was destined to sit next to Marilyn!   I call it destiny because Marilyn is one of those people you meet who become lifelong friends! After chatting and getting to know Marilyn we just clicked right away. Marilyn definitely wanted to see my fashions, and we made a private fitting appointment and became great friends. She always said she signed up because she wanted a FREE shell top! Marilyn went on to become a great leader in our million dollar team, and she and her husband are like family to me. She recently visited me in Hawaii.

The Chamber also had a monthly “Women in Business” luncheon. I became really good friends with Pat who was a financial planner and volunteered to run the event. Pat agreed to be a hostess and have a Fashion show in her home.   At Pat’s party, I was packing up my clothes and sitting at about $800 in sales with one future booking, when the doorbell rang and a woman rushed into the room yelling. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I tried to get here earlier, but I had another commitment, and I know it’s late, but I LOVE your clothes. I used to buy them in Florida and I’ve been looking for you. I want 3 Jackets, 4 tops, 4 skirts and 5 pairs of those amazing Jodpur pants.”   After picking my jaw up off the floor, I quickly calculated that this was about a $1500 order from one person!! However, there was a RED ALERT bell going off in my ear that this person was my next recruit. I let her know I could take the order, but I’d love to meet her for coffee tomorrow morning and go over what she wanted. And because it was late, and the hostess wanted to wrap up, she agreed. At 10:00 am the next morning, I signed up Cathy who went on to become another great incentive winner, selling over $3,000 every month and promoting to the highest level of Sales Manager.

At each one of these events, my goal was to develop relationships with women first! Then show them my fashions. That’s the sequence of how each person became a team member.

  • For Pam, it took her about a week to decide.
  • For Marilyn, she didn’t sign up for about a month! She had a private fitting and then had to think about it and decided to be a hostess, which became her first launch party.
  • Cathy, signed up right away as you would imagine she was a go-getter and saw the opportunity right away.

Three OUTSTANDING women, who joined my team, all because I invested in joining a Chamber of Commerce.

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Want your Direct Sales Team to have Consistent bookings, Try this!

This week I heard the following expression 5 times from my leaders in our L.E.A.P. mastermind coaching group,

“My team sales are low and I’m not sure who is holding parties. “

Many direct sales companies don’t have a back office statistic that show you who is holding parties and what the sales of the party were or how many people attended. So what can you do to get the team engaged in booking consistent parties?

Today, I have three ideas to help you inspire your team to get consistent bookings and if you try just ONE of them, I think you’ll begin to see a difference in your team.

#1   Set up a consistent Team Communication system. Your team needs to hear from you consistently every day, every week, every month and the best way is to create a system. In the CALENDAR GIRLS Team booking system, we focus on reaching out with three specific communications.

  • Daily – posting in the Team Facebook group every day let’s the team know you are there to support them. They reply to your posts or even message you if they see you’re on Facebook. If they are struggling with getting bookings you can answer their concerns because you’re communicating daily through your TEAM group.
  • Weekly – sending a weekly email update every Monday let’s the team know you are supporting them! Don’t wane on this – the team is looking for that email to see if they are being recognized for their efforts. In the CALENDAR GIRLS Team booking system, we work with a power list of team bookings and team members can’t wait to see their names on that important booking list.
  • Monthly – Live team meetings every month gives team members a chance to meet you and know they can ask you a question to get help. This LIVE face to face communication is the BEST way to support your team and help those who are struggling to get bookings. At your team meeting you want to pass your CALENDAR GIRLS team calendar around the room to have people write in their OWN names on the team calendar. This builds their confidence. Then if others are struggling they will ask around and get ideas from other team members to try. Live Team meetings are the BEST way to build deeper relationships with team members and each other.

#2   Team Booking Blitz The second way to help team members who are struggling with bookings is to consistently hold a TEAM BOOKING Blitz every month. I highly suggest you do this in the third week of the month as it keeps their bookings solid moving from month to month. Holding a team booking blitz, you are giving them the tools to get bookings. It’s all laid out in a template in the CALENDAR GIRLS workbook from how to prepare you team for the blitz, what to do on the blitz and how to recognize and encourage each team member after the blitz.

#3   Share your Team GOALS every week! Everyone is proud to be part of a team effort when they know exactly what the goal is? In our CALENDAR GIRLS team booking system we work on three important TEAM GOALS!

  • The team booking goal is one that rewards all team members who contribute to this booking goal by being on the TEAM calendar month!
  • The Team sales volume goal keeps the team excited to see the WHOLE sales volume rise each week to hit the goal to be a qualified team or a $20,000 team or a million dollar team.
  • The Team Recruiting goal encourages everyone to ADD people to the team. Team members love to introduce their latest recruits and get everyone excited to see the team grow.

Sharing these THREE Team goals every week will help your team know they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. They will make every effort to get their parties on that team calendar so they are an active team player.

Each one of the above tasks takes organization and commitment to building your team and helping them keep their calendar full of bookings.

I recommend you try at least ONE of these ways and you’ll see team members pop up who may have thought their parties weren’t being noticed by you.

If you want more ways to help your team have consistent bookings, join our L.E.A.P. Mastermind group! It’s in this group that you’ll get the best support and feedback on helping team members who struggle with bookings to get on board! Read through the information here and message me at mymentorbiz@gmail.com if you have questions. We have A FEW openings right now!

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