Create your own 2018 Biz Vision Board and ONE-PAGE BUSINESS PLAN  

DESIGN A SNAPSHOT OF YOUR Future Dreams and Goals for 2018  



Then you MAKE YOUR PLAN!  

Olympic athletes, top leaders, CEO’s and high level businesspeople use the visualization process to be successful. They make a decision to bring their vision into reality with a strategic action plan for success.  

Creating your own Biz Vision Board helps you dream bigger, set strategic goals and create a plan to grow your business.  

I love the saying,  

“If you can see it, you can achieve it.”  

  • Can you see yourself managing a million dollar team? 
  • Can you see yourself receiving commision checks every month that add up to 6 figures or more? 
  • Can you see yourself making a difference and helping others earn the income they want for themselves and their family?  

When you create your own Biz Vision Board for your direct sales business you get a picture in your mind of what’s possible for you! If you’re going to grow a successful business you have to SEE yourself being successful! You have to SEE yourself living and working it every day!  

It’s a simple SEVEN STEP process  

The Biz Vision Workbook will take you through a 7-step process from choosing your board of choice, answering questions that fill you with thoughts, ideas, and strategies that all merge together for you to create a ONE-PAGE business plan to follow for the whole year.  

 Part 1  

Step 1 – You choose the materials you need to create your Vision Board  

Step 2 - You go through a list of questions that fuels you to create a vision and your dreams and goals. This helps you get clarity with where you’ve been and where you dream to go.  

Step 3 – You go through the process of choosing the right images, words and phrases that brings out your creative energy.  

Step 4 – Next, you organize a collage of your thoughts, your expectations and plans for success and follow a Biz Vision board layout.  

Step 5 – Then you begin the cut and paste creative process of putting your Biz Vision all together and produce your own masterpiece.  

 Part 2  

Step 6 – Part 2 of the workbook, takes you through more questions and prompts to create a BHAG goal plan for the year, then break it down into bite size pieces. Step 7 – Now, you’re ready to create your ONE-PAGE BUSINESS PLAN for the whole year. The ONE-PAGE Business plan keeps you on track for the rest of the year! 


The QUESTIONS in this workbook are powerful and can have a profound change on the way you think, act and progress throughout the year in growing your business. A BLUEPRINT FOR PLANNING AND TAKING ACTION  

Your Direct Sales Biz Vision board becomes the blueprint for inspirations, planning and taking action. When you take those goals OFF your vision board and take action, you create a path for success for the whole year.  

This is the process I personally created for my own million-dollar team and my coaching business for many years. And I love teaching it to others.  



April Aldstadt, Executive Director, Lemongrass Spa 

I have used Gale Bates BIZ Vision Board materials for the last several years with my team. We love getting together in person and via Zoom with our materials to plan out our goals and dreams and have a visual for daily reference. This download makes it easy as a leader to guide your team though the different questions and thoughts to consider when creating your vision board. It has made my job easier as a leader and helped create additional excitement within my team.  

Beth Hood, Owner

I wanted to gain clarity about the New Year. I felt renewed about the coming year and genuinely excited fro some of the changes I wanted to implement in my business. It was more rewarding than I imagined doing this activity. I gained the clarity I was looking for and a sense of closure. Plus I have this beautiful board next to my desk that I get to be inspired by every day! The process sparked several new marketing ideas for me.  

Jena Thompson, CEO, Daisy Blue Naturals  

This workbook was so instrumental in helping our Leadership team create their own Biz Vision Boards at a Leadership retreat. The step-by-step guide helped the team focus on what they really wanted to achieve by asking the right questions to get them started. I received many testimonials from the team members who said they felt confident that they now had the tools they need to implement and achieve their goals.  

Are you ready for a wildly, successful year in 2018?  

Download your BIZ Vision Workbook  



Create a Biz Vision Board and one-page business plan with intention and purpose to make 2018 your best year yet! Happy Creating!

Love & Success to you,  

Gale Bates International Business Coach