If you made it to this page, you must be a planner and love systems! The COMPANION WORKBOOK is an add-on to the 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER system! It’s this workbook where you’ll learn strategies and systems to organizing a very successful direct sales business planning your year. Working hard means you’re feeling out of control and flying by the seat of your pants without any organization in place. Working SMART means you’re open to creating systems and strategies that bring you the results you want. And that’s why I created the COMPANION WORKBOOK for the 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER.  

In the COMPANION workbook you’ll find EIGHT sections. Each section will help you plan, organize and most of all create your OWN systems to be successful in your Direct Sales business. This year, I’ve created the “How to” series for each section. How to Plan. How to Book. How to Party. How to Recruit. How to Expand. How to Follow up. How to Manage Time. How to Manage Money. Pay attention to each section’s DAILY ACTIVITIES. Taking ACTION every day in your business brings RESULTS! When you work smart and implement the strategies in each one of the eight sections, you create new success habits and rituals that will help you get the results you want in growing your business.  


The way we work smart is to refer back and forth with your 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER and your COMPANION WORKBOOK to keep moving forward in your business to attain the goals you want in 2018.

Here’s how my client, Kimberly Merritt uses this workbook.

Kimberly is an Executive Director with Lemongrass Spa Products. She says, “Being a military spouse living overseas, a homeschooling mom, and a volunteer for many organizations, I wear many hats.

 The Direct Sales Planner is a lifeline for my business. The systems that Gale share in this workbook allow me to work smart and prioritize my time which results in consistently growing my personal and team business, all while increasing my income and having time for my family. For me, this planner and workbook are an absolute MUST! It sets the foundation for me to help my team expand their skills and grow as a business owner.


I hope you’re ready for a wildly successful and breakthrough year in your business in 2018! That’s why I created the COMPANION WORKBOOK to the 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER. When you use this workbook alongside your 2018 Direct Sales Planner you will find the answer to working smart at booking, selling, recruiting and growing leaders in your business.  

Where else will you find a planner AND workbook that teaches you  

  • How to get bookings with confidence every month. 
  • How to find your own booing routine using step-by-step instructions in connecting with every hostess. 
  • How to build high attendance at every party. 
  • What do to when a hostess wants to cancel. 
  • How to hold a successful Facebook Party in 10 steps.
  • How to hold a successful in-home party in 8 steps. 
  • How to learn the process of a recruiting routine.
  • How to expand your business building new relationships. 
  • How to follow-up in each area of your business with results. 
  • How to manage your time and work your social media marketing. 
  • How to manage your money so you know you’re making a profit in your business.  


-- Are you a busy mom who needs help managing your time? -- Are you missing those important training calls and don’t have time for the replays? -- Do you find yourself dropping the ball because you’re spread so thin organizing your business AND your life? Then, you’ll LOVE the Sunday Night Planning ritual I’ve developed for you in the COMPANION workbook. I show you how to use this ritual to plan a successful week. It’s an extremely powerful exercise that will help you feel in control balancing your business and your life.  


GET the COMPANION workbook to the 2018 Direct Sales Planner NOW!  


The DIRECT SALES planner is customized to work your business in ONE PLACE keeping all your records of your daily business activities. The COMPANION WORKBOOK is the support you need to improve your skills at booking, selling and recruiting. I wish for you the most successful and profitable year ever!