Hostess Coaching Tool Kit


Hostess Coaching secrets that get results!

Learn EXACTLY how to work with your hostess at every party and discover how easy to have CASH flow every week and grow a very successful profitable business ALL in one easy guidebook, “Your Hostess Coaching Tool Kit”  $37.00.






From:  Gale Bates, Your “Make the Leap Mentor.”

When I began writing this e-book I gave myself an exercise to write down 100 reasons why hostess coaching was the absolute key to building my direct sales business. I always teach from my experiences in building my own six-figure business and when I looked at ALL those 100 reasons I realized why so many direct sellers give up on their business before they hold that first successful $1000 party.

I also looked back on keeping the hostess coaching training ALIVE every month in my team. I noticed some of my team members having successful parties, and suddenly they were falling off my team calendar and I noticed they were taking short cuts in coaching their hostesses.

My theory is that if you pay more attention to building stronger relationships with your hostess, you will not only see the results in your party sales and bookings, you will build your own confidence and credibility as a successful businessperson. Your success will spread when you’re known as the person who holds fun, exciting parties because everyone will want to be one of your special hostesses.

Today, I teach, write, speak and coach about hostess coaching with my awesome coaching clients and consultants in many countries around the world. It doesn’t matter where you live, building a strong relationship with your hostess is the same the world over.

I’ve taken all those experiences and the hundred reasons why hostess coaching was so successful for me in growing my six-figure business and put them into an easy system that I call, “Your Hostess coaching Tool Kit:  A valuable guidelines to BOOST sales, bookings and recruit leads at every party!”

What is it? It is a downloadable PDF or E-BOOK of absolutely everything I’ve used in my own business and now share with my coaching clients to help them make huge leaps in their business.

Here is a sampling of what you’ll get from this amazing and indispensable guideline:


  • Why would a Hostess book with you?
  • Confidence in having a full calendar of bookings.
  • Hostess Packet contents that will inspire your Hostess.
  • Unbelievable detail and exactly what to say to your hostess.
  • My BFF strategy in recruiting your hostess.
  • Specific scripts for every hostess connection.
  • What to do if a hostess wants to cancel.
  • Adding Value for every hostess so she will re-book at least twice a year.
  • Ten worksheets with specific instructions that help you stand out from the “crowd.”
  • An AWESOME Assessment test that helps you and your team LEARN steps to getting the results you want.


Once you apply these steps, even if you apply only one or two of them you will start seeing results and notice some real CASH flow coming in every week. Implement ALL of them and you will become the consultant and LEADER who’s known as that confident, businessperson who holds terrific and exciting successful home parties.

Don’t re-invent the wheel, just take these steps and ideas, one at a time and start working them into your daily business routines.

Ready to start getting the results you want from every party?

Here’s how to get the

Hostess Coaching Tool Kit $37.00


Studies show that decisive people who take action quickly are much more likely to succeed in life and business than those who tend to over-think each opportunity.