2018 Direct Sales Planner

A customized Planner for Direct Sales Entrepreneurs

The 2018 Direct Sales Planner will help you with each one of these questions. It is a custom designed booking system that helps direct sellers all over the world run their business “on purpose” and be purposefully productive.  

This year the planner SIZE has changed to a very manageable 7”x9” format that offers a simpler way to carry your planner from party to party. AND the cover is HARD as you requested so you’ll find this is the most durable planner you’ve ever had!  

You will feel like you accomplish so much when you have ONE PLACE to write down your goals, set priorities month by month, week by week and feel organized an confident when you schedule the most important business activities in your direct sales business.  

This customized system is all about running a profitable direct sales business and having a planner that helps you get things done.  

Here are the features for 2018  

  • You begin with the goals section in getting clear with your yearly goals. There is even a brain dump page for post-it notes (my favorite way to get those ideas out of my head.)
  • You’ll learn the BEST way to get bookings using my “calendar confidence” green post-it note system. It’s laid out in three simple steps. 
  • Each month you will check off a menu of events like parties, trade shows, etc. and know your sales, booking and recruiting goals.  
  • What is your income goal every month? Do you write this down – we have a space for that.  
  • What career level will you work towards? Write this down, too.  
  • This year you have a WHOLE page to write down those high revenue activities that bring you income and help you show a profit. 

YOUR BOOKING CALENDAR is a two-page spread this year (lots of room for those green post-it notes.)  

You’ll follow the “calendar confidence” system and get a booking success pattern rolling out every four weeks so your calendar is never empty of bookings.  

This is how you work on your own booking routine and using the step-by-step hostess coaching instructions available in the “Companion Direct Sales Planner workbook.”  


Once you have your month laid, there are weekly pages that keep you on track with system in 5 easy steps. 

  • You set your weekly goals (align with your monthly goal)
  • You work the time Blocking Exercise
  • Then set THREE daily priorities and 
  • Action items for the week 
  • Lastly, you create your whole dinner menu for the week.  

If you get into the habit of following this system, you’ll find you’ll easily balance your business and your busy life.  

Track your Business Results every month!  

When you work the system each month, each week, each day you’ll wonder how you ever managed before without the Direct Sales Planner. And that’s because now you are actually writing down your business RESULTS every month!  

Let me ask you these questions…  

  • Do you keep a running total of your yearly sales to date and yearly recruiting to date?  
  • Do you know the number of recruit leads to follow up with each month  
  • Do you have the stats on how many guests were at each party?  
  • What about the bookings you got?  
  • Have you kept a total of your sales for the month?  
  • Then, recapped and added up all your sales and commission and know your monthly income?  
  • Then, totaled your monthly expenses to find out exactly if you had a profit or loss for each month? When you actually write down your business results each month your accountant will love you because you are running your business on purpose with a profit. This is the key to having a very successful business and not that little hobby that keeps you busy like so many people think. Your business pays for so many things like the car payment, the credit cards and even your mortgage all because you know your goals and you track your business results. 

Are you ready for a record breaking year in 2018?  

Order your Customized 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER NOW!

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and now you can get my SPECIFIC SYSTEMS and FORMULAS in the 2018 Companion Workbook  

The Direct Sales Planner is available with an added workbook!  

2018 A Companion WORKBOOK  

This is a separate download workbook that includes EIGHT sections of training articles and worksheets to help you learn how to have a strong business booking, selling and recruiting.  

In the Companion Direct Sales Planner Workbook you’ll learn  

  • How to Plan & Set goals
  • How to get bookings using the Direct Sales Planner  
  • How to have successful parties  
  • How to create a Recruiting routine  
  • How to expand into new business  
  • How to use follow-up systems  
  • How to manage time and social media  
  • How to manage money to make a profit.  


Get more details here.  

Read how this brilliant tool is helping other Direct Sales Entrepreneurs get great results...

Amanda Herlan, Director Lemongrasspa  

When I first started working with Gale I needed help with organizing and keeping my calendar full. Gale introduced me to the Direct Sales Planner which helped me get rid of the 3 calendars, and put all my appointments and parties in one place. Once I implemented the green sticky system on my calendar - it was full! I went from having one or two girls on my team to suddenly having 10 to 15. I had never been in a leadership position before and quite honestly had no idea what I was doing. Gale helped me build confidence anytime I had a slight doubt that something was just a little too far of a stretch. If I had a goal in mind – she said I’ll get you there and this is what you have to do. Guess what…..I reached that goal! I was number one in sales for my entire company and broke company records for monthly and yearly sales! Here’s what using the Direct Sales Planner did for me.  

• Went from having Half Full Calendar to a FULL CALENDAR • Became #1 in sales for the entire company • Added 20 more team members • Starting to get systems into place for my team • A monthly commission check $1,000 more than when I started. • So much Knowledge…..I can talk the talk now I have worked with Gale for 4 years and my long term goal that I have dreamed of for years has finally came true. I was able to leave my career of 15 years as a computer programmer to be a Work At Home Mom with my children! Her coaching and mentor ship kept me on track, focused and always believing in myself. The Direct Sales Planner has kept me organized doing 6-8 parties a month, scheduling training's for my team and all the extra curricular activities I have as a Mom!  

Marla Nemanic, Senior Director Lemongrassspa.com 

“Gale’s Direct Sales Planner is fabulous! Everything I need for my personal business is now in one place. No more sticky notes everywhere! I can keep track of my appointments, recruit leads, party sales, individual orders, expenses, mileage, commissions, and bonuses. Now that I am organized, I can see clearly my activity every month and know exactly how much income I am earning. I love seeing my paychecks rise! It is so exciting!! Thanks to Gale and her Direct Sales Planner I no longer dread tax season.”

Are you ready for a record breaking year in 2018?  

Order your Customized 2018 DIRECT SALES PLANNER NOW!

$49.00 + S/H  

US Orders

Canada Orders

Internationals Orders

and now you can get my SPECIFIC SYSTEMS and FORMULAS in the 2018 Companion Workbook  

Then, GET THE MOST out of using the planner system and order the online downloadable companion workbook  

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Enjoy being organized and working smart. Track your sales, your bookings, your recruiting appointments. Calculate your income and expenses and map out your goal path to have an incredible year of success in your Direct Sales Business.  

Love & Success to you,