Create a “WOW” Party Experience

Make your parties uniquely you
and create a remarkable “WOW” experience
that enthralls your customer and delights your hostess.

What makes you unique? The answer is right on the tip of your nose. What makes you unique is how you express yourself, how you share your products and serve your clients.

This is the experience you share with your hostess and guests at every party and it’s this uniqueness that they will remember.

Parties are you business!

  • Are your parties Fun?
  • Are they interactive?
  • Are people learning?
  • Are you offering solutions?
  • Are people smiling a lot, bubbly and happy

Most Consultants seem to focus on “getting” the booking rather than sharing the “experience” a hostess or guest will have when she books a party. In this training Gale reveals strategies, tips and tricks to be ahead of the curve in holding fun, inspiring and WOW parties that helps you have high sales, future bookings and notice prime prospects for your business opportunity.


FROM: Gale Bates, your “Make the Leap Mentor”

When a guest came up to me at my party and said, “Gale, I loved your presentation tonight.” I knew I’d created a special experience for this customer, or as I call it a remarkable “WOW” experience.

Creating this special experience was one of the key trainings I taught my million dollar team. And when I helped them create a remarkable “WOW” party experience they began to see the difference in higher sales, more bookings and future recruit prospects.

I found many team members didn’t know how to share that remarkable experience because they lacked confidence in their presenting skills at the party. In this 2-CD product I’m revealing the importance of learning

  • Eight “WOW” party skills.
  • How to prepare to offer a remarkable “WOW” party experience.
  • How to make a first impression.
  • How to become more confident demonstrating your products.
  • How to show your passion for your business.
  • How to enthrall guests who want to book with you.
  • How improve you skills in becoming an expert at check-out.
  • How to show your guests the incredible service you offer.
  • How to make your parties a fun, learning experience for guests.
  • How to offer solutions, and make your guests feel special.
  • How to offer your uniqueness that makes your party a “WOW” party experience.

The bottom line is when you are confident in sharing and serving your customers a “WOW” party experience, you appear as a professional and serious direct sales entrepreneur, and that’s when you’ll find filling your calendar with consistent parties every month is simple and easy.

Begin today, learn these important steps and become known as
That direct sales entrepreneur who holds
A remarkable “WOW” Party Experience.