Coach and Mentor

Mentoring and Coaching Services

The magic in my success in building a very profitable direct sales business happened the day I hired my first mentor.  She taught me the true meaning of accountability.

Accountability showed me my strengths and how to maximize them to increase my income.

Accountability showed me my challenges and ways to learn how to overcome them to increase my income.
Gale offers

  • Individual Mentoring

The minute I hired my first coach I knew I was zooming to the top.  My first coach kept me accountable to my goals and opened many doors to learn and grow.  If you are interested in seeing explosive growth in your business and your income, call 206-902-8215 and set up your mentoring schedule.

Individual Mentoring –  45 minute calls 4, 6, or 8 weeks

4 weeks  $285.00 

6 weeks  $425.00 

8 weeks  $520.00 

  • Group Mentoring

(Minimum 10 people)

4-call series (1 hour each)  $50.00 per person.  Contact Gale 206-902-8215

  • Direct Sales Corporate Consulting

Contact Gale  206-902-8215 for details.

  • Custom Seminars for Leaders

Coming soon, 6-week Leadership Focus Group Series

Contact Gale 206-902-8215 if interested.