Want STRONG SUPPORT in leading your team? Ready to grow your leadership skills? This is a group for you if you are a Direct Sales Entrepreneur and want to be with people who share ideas, learn from each other and ready to master challenges and opportunities every month! Introducing An exclusive community of achievers, goal-setters, entrepreneurs and biz builders! Big success doesn’t happen alone. We are all better together! That’s the mantra of the Calendar Club INNER CIRCLE  

In the INNER CIRCLE, you are supported weekly with strategies and accountability to help you increase your team sales, team bookings, team recruiting and growing a strong leadership team.


  • Access to a private Inner Circle community. You surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs in direct sales who think like you do and want to grow and go to the next step. 
  • A Monthly W.I.N. (What’s Important Now) Printable Worksheet. This sheet arrives on the first of each month to guide you through your planning process and achieve your monthly goals.
  • A Weekly “Be productive Tip” you can apply to your biz right away in our secret Facebook Group.
  • Premium Leadership training – focused on the 12 sections of the Calendar Club Workbook. These trainings are in an archive section for you to review any time. Trainings like… 
  • Increase your Team Party Sales  
  • Grow consistency with Team Bookings  
  • Tools to Manage your money  
  • Recruiting Business Builders  
  • Professional development to expand your belief  
  • Worksheets and pdf’s available in the archived section of the Inner Circle a password protected area.  
  • Live Q&A’s in our Secret Facebook group.  
  • Podcasts and Video tutorials on increasing team sales, bookings and recruiting  
  • Train the Trainer series. Tools and tips to help you know how to train your team with accelerating learning techniques.  

From Gale Bates, International Business Coach Creator of the CALENDAR CLUB System and Inner Circle. 

Are you ready to transform your business in 2018? Do you want to feel confident in leading your team the right way?  

Will you find a way to be more organized and productive?  

I understand all of this because I have walked the walk and built a million-dollar team to the top of my company.  


It was my CALENDAR CLUB system that proved to me that anything is possible if you’re willing to master skills and pay attention to your team members’ needs. It’s this attention we work with in the Calendar Club INNER circle. You don’t have to work towards building your team alone, when you hit a roadblock or lack the knowledge to hit your targets, you have someone to support you. You are not alone. In our INNER CIRCLE community, we are grounded in principles of productivity, positivity and taking action working around the CALENDAR CLUB system.  

Here’s what worked for Christa...

Christa Metz, Premier Director, Lemongrass Spa Products

"Before coaching with Gale, I had a fairly large Team, but with Gale’s coaching support, I was able to build a Strong and Solid Team. Now I have many more systems in place to encourage/strengthen my Team. I also have the attitude not to give up too quickly. Even if one person benefits from a call/post, etc., that gives me reason to Celebrate!

My Team has definitely gotten stronger. We have doubled our attendance at Team meetings, and the ladies are excited to be part of a growing Team as well as being more confident in their Direct Sales Business! I wanted to create a recruiting culture on my Team. I started implementing the Calendar Club system and strategies and before long even my own personal business started taking off. Thank you so much Gale! I really enjoyed working with you! It has been VERY BENEFICIAL! "

So, if you’re ready to reach your goals quicker and faster and create the team you want full of happiness and inspiration, simply click the button below! 


Monthly $24.00

Yearly $247.00

If you want something to change, YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE! You know you want to become a better leader. You have the potential, you are ready to achieve bigger goals and you’re detemined to lead your team to success so you can make a difference for them and their families, because that’s what we do as leaders in direct sales. So make a firm commitment now! Be the change, join like-minded people who inspire each other every day. Equip yourself with knowledge on growing a stronger team. Get the support and training you need that will help you succeed. DECIDE that the CALENDAR CLUB INNER CIRCLE is the platform, that will transform you and your team. Ready to be part of an INNER CIRCLE?