Advanced Hostess Coaching

Innovative techniques for leaders to learn how to build a
deeper hostess connection to boost team sales,
bookings and recruit leads!

Leaders, does your personal business or your team suffer from

  • Low party sales?
  • Many party cancellations?
  • Low attendance at parties?
  • No bookings from parties?
  • Struggling to fill calendar with bookings?
  • Unable to identify prospects?
  • Low recruiting conversion?

Most of these things occur because consultants are not building a deeper connection with the hostess. In Advanced Hostess Coaching, you’ll learn innovative techniques to create a better relationship with your hostess, ask the right questions to get higher attendance and have successful parties.


FROM: Gale Bates, your “Make the Leap Mentor”

On the way home from every party, I loved to ask myself the questions,

  1. What worked? And,
  2. What would I have done differently?

“What worked,” was usually high sales and at least two future bookings. However, there were times when sales were not what I expected or, heaven forbid, there were no bookings, and when I answered the question, “What would I have done differently?” inevitably, I realized that the hostess and I were just not on the same wave-length. This is what I call “connecting” with your hostess, rather than “coaching” your hostess.

I created this CD for leaders who want to help team members increase their sales, bookings and recruiting. In this “Advanced Hostess Coaching” CD you’ll learn

  • The VALUE of “connecting” with your hostess versus “coaching “ your hostess
  • How to systemize a 3-connect hostess formula
  • Key questions to ask your hostess to have high attendance
  • Terminology to help team members get solid bookings
  • How to help your team handle party cancellations, and
  • A strategy that increases recruiting opportunities

I believe your hostess is the catalyst to having high sales, future bookings and finding “hot” recruit leads at every party!

In fact, I think hostesses are your hottest “marketing messengers.” When you have a great friendship with a hostess, who loves you and your products, she will spread the word about your fun, exciting and lively parties everywhere she goes! When you know how to build this kind of connection with every hostess, your own calendar and your team’s calendar will be full of consistent bookings every month.

Get your own calendar full, teach your team how to connect with the hostess and get the results you want for you and your team.

High Sales
Future Bookings
“Hot” recruit leads