THREE ways to have “consistency” success in your Direct Sales Business

Consistency is probably one of the most often used words I use in my coaching practice. That’s because when we do things consistently and repeatedly it creates two very important roles.

First, when we are CONSISTENT we get extremely masterful at our skills, and second, we convey a hidden message to our customers and team members that we are serious entrepreneurs.

My success in growing a million dollar team came down to these top THREE ways to have “consistency” success.

Consistent parties
Consistency means many things to many people but in direct sales it all begins with being consistent holding your parties. Whatever pace you want to grow your business you must hold consistent parties every month. Of course, I always recommend holding at least ONE party a week, but if you want to grow at the faster rate, then hold TWO and THREE parties every week. Holding weekly parties builds your skill as a presenter, gets you future bookings and brings the income you need consistently every month.  If you want to count on consistent income, hold consistent parties.

Consistent interviews or recruiting appointments
One of the secrets I share in all my trainings if you want to become a consistent recruiter and grow a team of dynamic consultants, you must place the same value on your interviews as you do your parties. In other words, if you’re holding one party a week, then hold one interview a week. This is a secret to success if you’re reading this blog that will skyrocket your recruiting if you apply it immediately.

Consistent networking
One of the best rules I gave myself when building my dynamic team was to be out of my house at least twice a week at a networking or social events where I was meeting people who would love my product. That’s because I was passionate about growing my client base at least by 50 new customers every 3 months. I joined a Business Leads Referral group, a Chamber of Commerce and a Women’s Business organization. I met women and formed new friendships and alliances and met with each of them for coffee or lunch and grew my network. But, it was the consistency of scheduling these events two times a week that grew stronger friendships and built my strong personal team.  I never stopped networking consistently every week because it always added new customers, who became new hostesses who converted to new team members.

Be consistent with no excuses. Notice how consistent you are in paying your bills, buying your groceries and feeding your family EVERY WEEK. It’s the same with your business.   You’ll be amazed at what happens in your business when you’re consistent every week with these three ways! Make a calendar of the next 30 days and write on the top of it BE CONSISTENT! If you stick to your consistency plan for 30 full days, no excuses, you’ll discover what is working in your business and change your habits for the good.

So, today is the 1st July, 2012. Incorporate these THREE ways to be consistent in your direct sales business. Schedule your consistent parties, your consistent interviews and your consistent networking meetings every week!

Want to WATCH how I’m  CONSISTENT every week in my business? Come to my facebook page at and read a tip for your business every week.  Tell me how you are being serious about being consistent in your business.


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