2018 CALENDAR CLUB Team Booking System for Leaders in Direct Sales!  

The 2018 CALENDAR CLUB Team Booking system will change the way you lead your team!  

Implementing The CALENDAR CLUB system to your team will give you the confidence to grow your team, make a shift in your team, and help you promote strong downline leaders.  

 Here’s how…. 

  • The CALENDAR CLUB system keeps your team consistently booking with a team calendar. 
  • The CALENDAR CLUB system supports team members to have successful parties. 
  • The CALENDAR CLUB system teaches team members how to be confident in growing their business.  

Most of all,  

  •  The CALENDAR CLUB system helps you be the leader that others want to follow.  

The challenges most leaders face today are …  

  • Keeping up with team members who struggle to get bookings. Some team members drop off because they run out of hostesses, and you realize these people needed your support in expanding their client base. 
  • Keeping consistent communication steady so the team is supported. You feel like you’re all over the place texting, emailing, facebook messaging and telephone calls.  
  • Knowing “how” to support the team. If team members are dropping what training or coaching needs to happen to keep them engaged and active. 
  • Scrambling at month’s end to qualify as a leader. This is happening too often and you want things to change. 
  • Growing new leaders and finding your own personal team is diminished with no system in place.  

From Gale Bates, International Business Coach Creator of the CALENDAR CLUB system and Inner Circle CEO of www.mymentorbiz.com  

The CALENDAR CLUB Team Booking System will help you learn the important skills of leading a team with A solid Communication system, A Consistenct method of supporting your team and A collaborative way to inspire the team to work together and leap forward!  

Here’s how the SYSTEM WORKS.  

There are 12 sections of total leadership resources in the workbook with 154 pages.  

THE WORKBOOK includes how to Launch the system and LEADERSHIP training on:  

  • Setting Clear Team Goals 
  • Positive Team Communication  
  • Reaching High TEAM sales success  
  • Getting consistent TEAM bookings  
  • Creating a TEAM recruiting culture
  • Promoting new TEAM leaders  
  • TEAM building training and coaching  
  • Leading with a strong social media presence
  • Team Recognition Program  
  • Team Meeting Events  
  • Team productivity tips 

The Workbook comes with a 5 Video Course

5 Video Course 

Once you purchase the workbook you will learn: 

-- How to launch the system. As you launch and implement the Calendar Club system, we'll show you how to set team goals and connect with team members with a powerful communication system. Implementing these first steps, you'll develop stronger leadership skills.

-- How to set Team Goals and work the Team Calendar. Once you set your team goals, we will show you how to guide your team to be consistent in holding parties and consciously making things happen with great intention.  

-- How to plan your month using the workbook. We will show you how to plan and take action every month. The planning pages help you get into a work-flow of consistency in supporting your team to have success. Planning and taking action helps you grow and become a strong leader.  

-- How use the workbook as a strategic resource to grow your team. The resources in this workbook abound in 12 sections broken down to help you build sales success, booking success and recruiting success in your team. We help you train your team, coach your team and provide training on team meetings, recognition programs, social media strategies and more.  

-- How to automate the system and feel like you’re leading your team to success Knowing how to be purposefully productive with daily, weekly and monthly tasks and automating them to work smart, allows you to balance your business and your lifestyle. And most of all inspire your team to take action and achieve their goals.  

$75.00 + s/h (USA) 

$75.00 + s/h (International) 

We have international CALENDAR CLUB members and LEADERS all over the world building consistency and leaping forward in their direct sales business, earning the income they want. Here is what leaders are saying...

Jeni Cassidy, Premier Director, Lemongrass Spa. 

"Gale’s “Calendar Club” system has helped me grow my confidence in myself as well as a leader. My team is now fully engaged. As for my personal business, I reached a career milestone of $100,000 in personal sales. I have seen my team double in size and my own personal recruiting hit a new record as well. 

My biggest ‘AHA’ is in order to have those record breaking months, it all boils down to the number of parties you do. Pretty simple, but a huge “slap to the forehead – DUH!” moment. As for my team, my biggest takeaway has been to continually “shine the light” on them and their successes. When I started doing that (as well as leading by example) my team came alive!!" 

Crystal Baddorf , Director Lemongrass Spa

"Goals are only dreams until you take the steps to achieve them. You must create your goals often, make them attainable and stretch, then put systems in place to achieve those goals, and have constant accountability. Having an accountability partner that has the same career aspirations, Gale has been so beneficial in helping me reach my goals. There are times when you can feel discouraged, but that accountability partner is right there to encourage you and refocus you on those goals. 

Gale’s systems like the CALENDAR CLUB Team booking system, her coaching and encouragement have pushed me far outside my comfort zone, giving me the ability to grow as a wife, mother, and business professional. This program has been such a blessing from the Lord. Gale’s wisdom and instruction have been instrumental in my success."

Anne Craig, Director and Independent Fashion Stylist at Nygard Style Direct. 

"The Calendar Club Team Leaders Booking System is a brilliant resource to efficiently and effectively communicate, coach and support team members. I personally use and strongly recommend that all my leaders implement this simple system as well as participate in the monthly conference call. We have had over 45 Team Leaders implement this outstanding system. I highly recommend it."

Ready to “Shine the Light” on your team in 2018?  

We are celebrating our EIGHTH year of this remarkable system that stand out for leaders who want to make a difference in growing their team.

We are celebrating our seventh year of this remarkable system that stands out for leaders who want to make a difference.  

I know the stress of leading a team that is not growing as fast as you want. That’s why I developed this system. I figured a way for every team member to contribute with a system around our TEAM CALENDAR!  

I created a consistent path for all team members to follow and be successful using this system. It’s simple, it helps you build your leadership skills and most of all it helps everyone on the team pull together as one unit! 

$75.00 + s/h (USA) 

$75.00 + s/h (International) 

Get More Support

Join the Calendar Club INNER CIRCLE which includes: 

• Monthly W.I.N. Worksheet • Monthly Leadership training webinar • Private Facebook Group Membership • Podcasts/Tutorials • Train the trainer series • Special handouts and templates 

 Learn how to get more support with this valuable resource  

Follow the system and make an impact on your business! Become the leader others will follow and make a difference for others working with the CALENDAR CLUB Team Booking system. 

Love & Success to you,

Gale Bates, Your “Make the Leap” Mentor.