How I Met My Million Dollar Team – Part 3 Networking Stories

This is a story about the power of follow-up!

Alice lived in Denver and was an executive for a large non-profit organization traveling around the world.   She was attending a high powered corporate meeting and was impressed with a colleague’s outfit!   A conversation with her Canadian colleague found her curious to find out if she could find the clothes in the U.S.

Alice found the US headquarters in Chicago and called our corporate headquarters to find how she could purchase the fashions in Denver.   She was referred to me and of course I followed up immediately when I was given the lead from our head office.

Alice booked a private fitting appointment with me! In fact, I went to her home for the fitting showing her how to use 10 pieces of clothing to make over 30 outfits that would help her with her busy travel and corporate position. She was delighted and decided to be a hostess! (My job was to convert every private fitting appointment into a booking.)

Alice had a fantastic group of friends and her first party was a huge success. Over $1000 in sales and two future bookings, one of which was Alice who was ready to do another party in a couple of weeks. I made some terrific friendships with Alice and her group of friends and we did parties every time we had a new collection!


Alice became one of my top hostesses, and one of my rules is to share the business opportunity with every hostess. Alice and I had a coffee chat conversation about two weeks after her second party. I knew that she was a busy executive, but because she loved the clothes so much and had a great group of friends, I thought she would be ideal. She was impressed with the business opportunity, but she was NOT ready to join at that time. So I kept following up with great customer service with Alice, and she was one of my top hostesses every new product release.

Then, one day, I received a call from Alice who said she was ready to truly look at the business opportunity because her job had been eliminated in her organization.

Alice signed up and decided to be on the fast track to build her business. She had a very strong “why” with teenagers in high school getting ready for college.

Fast forward 2 years later.

Alice and I are walking through THIS magical forest in Cork, Ireland. We have both won the trip for the millionaire’s circle spending 5 days and nights at the amazing Sheen Falls Lodge in Cork. It’s 6 in the morning, the air is fresh with morning dew and the forest feels like fairies and goblins are hiding amidst all the lichen and moss! We both loved to walk early in the morning and this was one of the most beautiful walks through the forest and along the banks of the lake.

Alice says to me.. “Gale, I cannot thank you enough!”

I turn to Alice and say, “Alice, don’t thank me, you have done a fantastic job leading your team to the million dollar circle, and I am so so proud of all your efforts. It is my honor to have you join me on this amazing journey.”

Then, Alice said to me, “No, Gale, that’s not why I’m thanking you. I’m thanking you because you asked me to join our company NINE times before I said yes.”

I was floored – I hadn’t realized it was NINE times! But in actual fact it was. Every time Alice was a hostess, I’d say to her, “Alice, you’d be so great at this, is it time for you to join?” I’d just gently keep following up with her to see if NOW is the right time for her to join.

And as you see above, because I kept asking and following up and building a fantastic friendship with Alice, when she was ready she called ME! And she became my first million-dollar circle leader on my team!

The Power of follow up with prime prospects is to keep going until the time is right for them!

This is what I teach my coaching clients so they understand that when a person is ready to join, they are ALL IN , they “want” to grow a business and the net result can be extremely exciting when you help team members grow their strong teams because everyone benefits!

I’m having a fantastic week teaching 45 women how to find the right people who are ready to join their team in a private Team Building Boot Camp.

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How I Met My Million-Dollar Team Part 2 – Networking stories

Read this sequence of events:  A Husband – An in-flight conversation – A trip to Boulder – Beginning of a beautiful friendship – A party – Booked a party with a top seller – A Fashion organization – Many Coffee Chat conversations – Another Top seller – an EXLOSION in Texas!

It all began with a husband sitting on a flight home to Denver and chatting with his seat companion. She was a Canadian who shared information about her fun fashion business. The husband was intrigued with the fashion concept and went home to his darling wife, Barbara, who also became intrigued. Barbara found the company was also in the United States, so she called the company and asked for a referral and guess what, the closest person to her was none other than yours truly.

Barb and I met for coffee in downtown Denver and we immediately clicked. I found out she was a talented artist who designed hats, jewelry and had worked in a fashion house. She agreed to host a party and was excited to see the fashions. Some of you have heard my story about Driving North to Boulder, Colorado. It was a 2-hour drive for me on the big highways at peak hour traffic. That may seem lame for some, but I’m a small town island girl, so this was a big deal for me. I had to have that attitude of “Whatever It Takes!”

Barb’s party was a HUGE success, and of course, I planted lots of seeds for her to join, but she was one of those detailed people who needed to think about it and gather more information. It wasn’t until a couple months later when I invited Barb to my monthly TEAM MEETING, when she decided to join! (Always invite your prospects to your monthly Team meeting.)

However, I had booked a party from Barb’s party with Linda! Linda was organized and probably the best hostess I have every worked with in all my career. She knew exactly who to invite. She knew how to invite them. Her party was over $2,000 because she wanted a ton of FREE clothes. Then, of course, Linda was interested in joining and I wanted to make sure when she joined she would be Barbara’s first recruit! Which she was! Linda went on to become one of the TOP SELLERS in the whole company and a great Team Leader.

Barb invited me to join the Denver Fashion Group, a networking group for Fashion professionals. What an exciting networking group to mingle with like-minded people. At this networking group, Barb introduced me to Leann.   I learned that Leann loved having tea at 4:00 pm every afternoon like myself, so we scheduled a time for tea the next day and she was ready to sign on board right away (we signed her with Barb, of course.)

Leann is one of those super professional and natural leaders of women, who’s purpose in life is to empower others and make a difference for all women especially in the fashion world. What a privilege it has been to have Leann in my life. Leann loved the whole concept and grew a magnificent team and became an authentic and dynamic leader in my downline.

Barb also wanted me to help her introduce our business opportunity to two top producers in a high end fashion company (not direct sales.) Again, I was privileged to meet two dynamic women, Lois and Mary, who loved our wardrobe solution fashion concept and they signed on doing many fashions shows together as a team.

Then, one day, Linda called me to help “her” share the business opportunity with a friend of hers who had just returned from living in Italy for 5 years. The minute I met Kathy I was enthralled because she was the “ideal” recruit.   Who is your “ideal” recruit? (Take a minute and write down the characteristics and qualities of the person you want to recruit – here’s A FREE worksheet to begin.)

Kathy lived high up in the mountains and began to have extremely successful fashion parties in her area. She was very outgoing, very friendly, with high energy and it was these qualities that attracted people to buy from her.   One day, she announced her husband had a new job in Texas and she was moving. What an opportunity for her to open up a new area in our Company. (Do you know that is your opportunity even today?)

Texas Explosion Remember I said Kathy was the Ideal recruit? Well she did indeed open up the state of Texas by becoming the #1 SELLER in the whole of the nation. Kathy’s parties were amazing! She was extremely organized with systems. She had a “waiting list” of hostesses who wanted to be on her calendar. She also became a great Team Leader. I invested in Kathy by flying out to Texas to help her recruit and train her team.

One Recruit can have a COMPOUND EFFECT  Darren Hardy says in his book “The Compound Effect, “Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE”

So, you can see how one recruit on your team, like Barbara, can have a compound effect on growing to the million-dollar level. Barbara-Linda-Lois-Mary-Leann-Kathy brought many other wonderful women into our team. The BIG PAY OFFS was being prepared to hold 3-way coffee chat conversations that led to the growth of our million dollar team.

Three-way coffee chat conversations were one of my secret strategies. Another was holding consistent “Take a Look” opportunity events for my team members to bring prospects. These events were the spark that attracted the RIGHT PEOPLE to join. The RIGHT PEOPLE were those who were interested in

  • Our fashion products
  • Our Company program
  • Our Team camaraderie, and
  • Our Team culture to help women build their confidence with the right outfits.

The explosion across Texas began all the way back when I made that fateful drive north to Boulder, Colorado.   I didn’t know at the time the long reaching effect this would have on my team, but I was willing to INVEST my time and energy into helping team members learn the right way to share our business opportunity.

This week I’m taking 45 women on a journey in a private Team Building Boot Camp and teaching them the way to find people who are out there looking for opportunity.

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How I Met My Million Dollar Team Members – Networking stories

We are moving into the most social time of the year and it’s this time of year where we make new friends, reconnect with old friends and get together with friends of friends.

It’s this time of year when people are thinking of others, thinking of gifts to buy and thinking of adding value to others. It’s this time of year when people are looking for your products and your opportunity!

So, this week I’m starting a 5-part series on how I met my million dollar team members! It’s about my journey of networking, building relationships and deep, deep friendships that ultimately lead to a life changing experience.

Part One – Pam, Marilyn and Cathy

This week I want to highlight how I met three team members through a chamber of commerce!  

I had no idea about the benefits of joining a Chamber of Commerce when I first moved to Denver, Colorado.   From the day I walked through the chamber door, I was excited about the events they offered.

I first attended the Chamber Orientation event and learned about the many opportunities a chamber offers to meet other business people.

What I love about Chambers of Commerce is they are full of business people who want to do business with you. They offer Business Education, Business Networking, Business Leads Groups and more.

After attending the Orientation group, I thought I’d dive right in and volunteer. My first experience was to help spread the Chamber information visiting businesses around Denver dropping off brochures. What a better way than to get to know business people in the city. I arrived at the Chamber bright and early and met the group. The chamber officer pared us up with another member and I was so fortunate to be pared up with Pam!  Pam and I did our work dropping brochures and pamphlets off at the various businesses, but in our driving time, we talked about our own businesses. Pam had just started a brick and mortar business and because I’d had experience in running my own Retail shops, I was able to help her with some advice.   Then the tables turned and she asked me about my business. And that’s when the magic happened, she kept asking questions. Questions like, “ How did I sell my fashions at parties” “How profitable was my business?”   “How many hours did it take to earn a consistent income?” I had my sponsoring ears on and yes, by the next week, Pam came over to try on the clothes and decided to join my team. She went on to become one of my Incentive winners and grew a team that contributed to our million dollar sales.

Next I attended my first Business Education workshop on “How to make a First Impression.” And I was destined to sit next to Marilyn!   I call it destiny because Marilyn is one of those people you meet who become lifelong friends! After chatting and getting to know Marilyn we just clicked right away. Marilyn definitely wanted to see my fashions, and we made a private fitting appointment and became great friends. She always said she signed up because she wanted a FREE shell top! Marilyn went on to become a great leader in our million dollar team, and she and her husband are like family to me. She recently visited me in Hawaii.

The Chamber also had a monthly “Women in Business” luncheon. I became really good friends with Pat who was a financial planner and volunteered to run the event. Pat agreed to be a hostess and have a Fashion show in her home.   At Pat’s party, I was packing up my clothes and sitting at about $800 in sales with one future booking, when the doorbell rang and a woman rushed into the room yelling. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I tried to get here earlier, but I had another commitment, and I know it’s late, but I LOVE your clothes. I used to buy them in Florida and I’ve been looking for you. I want 3 Jackets, 4 tops, 4 skirts and 5 pairs of those amazing Jodpur pants.”   After picking my jaw up off the floor, I quickly calculated that this was about a $1500 order from one person!! However, there was a RED ALERT bell going off in my ear that this person was my next recruit. I let her know I could take the order, but I’d love to meet her for coffee tomorrow morning and go over what she wanted. And because it was late, and the hostess wanted to wrap up, she agreed. At 10:00 am the next morning, I signed up Cathy who went on to become another great incentive winner, selling over $3,000 every month and promoting to the highest level of Sales Manager.

At each one of these events, my goal was to develop relationships with women first! Then show them my fashions. That’s the sequence of how each person became a team member.

  • For Pam, it took her about a week to decide.
  • For Marilyn, she didn’t sign up for about a month! She had a private fitting and then had to think about it and decided to be a hostess, which became her first launch party.
  • Cathy, signed up right away as you would imagine she was a go-getter and saw the opportunity right away.

Three OUTSTANDING women, who joined my team, all because I invested in joining a Chamber of Commerce.

This week in our L.E.A.P. Mastermind Coaching Group we are focusing on how to network, what to say, how to identify cold, warm and hot prospects and we have a few slots left in this AMAZING group! They are just like my million dollar team members – committed – focused – ready to promote up!

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Want your Direct Sales Team to have Consistent bookings, Try this!

This week I heard the following expression 5 times from my leaders in our L.E.A.P. mastermind coaching group,

“My team sales are low and I’m not sure who is holding parties. “

Many direct sales companies don’t have a back office statistic that show you who is holding parties and what the sales of the party were or how many people attended. So what can you do to get the team engaged in booking consistent parties?

Today, I have three ideas to help you inspire your team to get consistent bookings and if you try just ONE of them, I think you’ll begin to see a difference in your team.

#1   Set up a consistent Team Communication system. Your team needs to hear from you consistently every day, every week, every month and the best way is to create a system. In the CALENDAR GIRLS Team booking system, we focus on reaching out with three specific communications.

  • Daily – posting in the Team Facebook group every day let’s the team know you are there to support them. They reply to your posts or even message you if they see you’re on Facebook. If they are struggling with getting bookings you can answer their concerns because you’re communicating daily through your TEAM group.
  • Weekly – sending a weekly email update every Monday let’s the team know you are supporting them! Don’t wane on this – the team is looking for that email to see if they are being recognized for their efforts. In the CALENDAR GIRLS Team booking system, we work with a power list of team bookings and team members can’t wait to see their names on that important booking list.
  • Monthly – Live team meetings every month gives team members a chance to meet you and know they can ask you a question to get help. This LIVE face to face communication is the BEST way to support your team and help those who are struggling to get bookings. At your team meeting you want to pass your CALENDAR GIRLS team calendar around the room to have people write in their OWN names on the team calendar. This builds their confidence. Then if others are struggling they will ask around and get ideas from other team members to try. Live Team meetings are the BEST way to build deeper relationships with team members and each other.

#2   Team Booking Blitz The second way to help team members who are struggling with bookings is to consistently hold a TEAM BOOKING Blitz every month. I highly suggest you do this in the third week of the month as it keeps their bookings solid moving from month to month. Holding a team booking blitz, you are giving them the tools to get bookings. It’s all laid out in a template in the CALENDAR GIRLS workbook from how to prepare you team for the blitz, what to do on the blitz and how to recognize and encourage each team member after the blitz.

#3   Share your Team GOALS every week! Everyone is proud to be part of a team effort when they know exactly what the goal is? In our CALENDAR GIRLS team booking system we work on three important TEAM GOALS!

  • The team booking goal is one that rewards all team members who contribute to this booking goal by being on the TEAM calendar month!
  • The Team sales volume goal keeps the team excited to see the WHOLE sales volume rise each week to hit the goal to be a qualified team or a $20,000 team or a million dollar team.
  • The Team Recruiting goal encourages everyone to ADD people to the team. Team members love to introduce their latest recruits and get everyone excited to see the team grow.

Sharing these THREE Team goals every week will help your team know they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. They will make every effort to get their parties on that team calendar so they are an active team player.

Each one of the above tasks takes organization and commitment to building your team and helping them keep their calendar full of bookings.

I recommend you try at least ONE of these ways and you’ll see team members pop up who may have thought their parties weren’t being noticed by you.

If you want more ways to help your team have consistent bookings, join our L.E.A.P. Mastermind group! It’s in this group that you’ll get the best support and feedback on helping team members who struggle with bookings to get on board! Read through the information here and message me at if you have questions. We have A FEW openings right now!

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5 Reasons to Build Duplication on your Team

Tony Robbins says, “The Path to Success is to take massive determined action!”  You know when he says those words, you nod your head, but do you follow-through with this powerful message?  Tony doesn’t beat about the bush. He knows what it takes. He is the role model of someone who has taken “massive determined action” and that’s why I listened to him.

We all know the path to success in Direct Sales is duplication. If you truly want to build a strong and profitable Direct Sales business with duplicatable systems, pay attention to why you should take MASSIVE DETERMINED ACTION to build your team.

If  you are looking to create a solid 6-figure income business and grow your team to the million dollar sales level, these FIVE reasons will help you get there faster.

The ACTIONS I am sharing with you are based on my own experience in growing a million dollar team, flying around the country to support them, investing in hundreds of hours in my own personal development in becoming a top leader, coach and mentor.

Read through this list and pay attention to the “Massive Determined Action” calls to action!

Action #1 Pay attention at your parties. Listen carefully for the signs of someone who is looking for your opportunity. I teach my coaching clients to take 3 recruiting packets to every party to give to those prospects they have identified who are wanting to know more about their business opportunity.

Massive Determined Action:   6 parties a month x 3 = 18 people have my recruiting information and they are put on my Prime Prospect Power List for follow-up within 24-48 hours. 

Action #2 Become an expert at check-out. These are actually SIX steps at check-out where you have the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with your guests. This 6-step system is a habit I share with each one of my coaching clients! This action determines your sales, your future bookings and those prospects.

Massive Determined Action: It’s at check-out where you actually HAND the three recruiting packets using a cheat sheet I provide. Join our L.E.A.P. Mastermind to learn more.


Action #3 Increase the frequency of coffee chats  When I started building my team, I decided the best way to grow my team was to share my business opportunity as often as I could. This was an intentional decision that paid off big time. I was sharing my opportunity at least three times a week over coffee. I was inviting prospects to EVERY Take a Look Call. I was holding LIVE Take a look Events for my team twice a week. When our Corporate people came to town or an area I had team members, I rallied the team to invite prospects as well as myself. This “intentional” decision to share my opportunity as many times as possible every week paid off big time, as I moved up to hold the record of having the most PERSONAL Recruits in the company.

Massive Determined Action: Begin sharing your opportunity three and four times a week. Increase the frequency of sharing and reap the rewards.

Action #4 Follow up with consistency. I hear it over and over in the Direct Sales world. “I don’t have time for follow-up!” It’s an excuse! Pay attention to every time you use it. We all have time for things we care about and things that we value and things that we ‘WANT’ to have time to do. Follow-up is just as important as holding parties and sharing your business opportunity, so quit saying, you don’t have time and MAKE time!

Massive Determined Action: Find a system that works for you for follow-up every day!   Just 15 minutes of follow-up every day will change your business! Use a system that works for you or try my 20-calls follow-up system.

Action #5  Set Expectations with each new Recruit. The most crucial time for duplication is a new recruit’s first 30 days. If you don’t give her the tools to be successful in the first 30 days, you are losing the opportunity to replicate the success of each new person who joins your team.

Massive Determined Action: Show your new recruit how to get started with a launch party “AND” share the business opportunity with three people right from the get-go! If you are waiting til your new recruit gets comfortable, has a few parties and makes sales, you’re losing the momentum of duplicating strong team members! Show them how to share the opportunity (just like you and everyone on your team) three times a week.

You want MASSIVE Duplication on your team, then create THESE 5 ACTIONS with urgency!  Be DETERMINED every day to make this happen!

The times I experienced the fastest growth in my team was always the times most of us committed to taking massive determined action ourselves.

No matter where you are in your business, if you only have 2 people on your team or 2000, if you want to go to the next level, if you take MASSIVE determined action you will see the results. Of course, always think about meeting people to build a friendship. After all recruiting is really friend-shipping. Just be determined to take massive action to have more friends join your team.

On a scale of 1 to 10 , How determined are you to take massive action to double and triple your team before the end of 2017?

If you are a SEVEN or above, then don’t delay and join our SEPTEMBER L.E.A.P. Mastermind Group Coaching.

L.E.A.P. is like hiring a personal trainer, but for your business. When you work with a personal trainer, you know you don’t give up, you keep focused and build that strength with someone supporting you every step of the way!  Take a minute to check out L.E.A.P. now, and don’t delay SEPTEMBER through DECEMBER are the hottest recruiting months of the year for you to take MASSIVE determined action and build duplication on your team.


How a Post-It Note can Help Organize your Direct Sales Biz

I guess you could say I’m a Post It note nerd!   I use them every day to the point if I don’t have a stack of them sitting on my desk, I feel like something is missing. Whenever I see a post-it note on social media, I immediately gravitate towards what it says or how people are using them. Some people use tons of digitial programs and apps to organize their business, but for me its it the low-tech, very highly effective Post-it Note!

I read recently that this simple planning tool allows you to use both the right and left sides of your brain. It helps you to see the big picture as well as the small steps it takes to get there as a powerful visual.   Here are 5 ways I help my coaching clients use the good old Post-It Note in their DS Biz.

Booking Post It Notes. 
What is the biggest struggle for all Direct Sellers?   When I ask this question, the answer is always, always “I struggle to get bookings.”  My Direct Sales Planner system is all about helping you plan your business with a calendar full of bookings. The “Calendar confidence” system shows you how to be CONFIDENT in getting bookings and keeping consistent bookings on your calendar. And it’s done with a GREEN Post-it Note!    Your next GREEN post-it notes are a great visual for people to see how confident you are in filling your calendar with bookings.  It’s this “Calendar Confidence” system that keeps your business running consistently as bookings are the “engine” of your business.

Time Management business Post It Notes.  How much time do you spend

  • searching for a phone number you wrote on a piece of paper?
  • Or, digging for an important message from corporate office you wrote down – you wrote it somewhere?
  • What about the prospect you just met at a networking event yesterday, who was interested in your opportunity?
  • Then there is that great idea you want to implement and you wrote it down thinking you’d “take action later” but you never think of it again.

These pieces of paper and important messages are buried somewhere, and this is what sucks up your time over and over. Searching, looking under piles of papers and files and you wish you had a more efficient system. That more efficient system is my “One Notebook System.” You simply have ONE notebook where you write everything, every day! Your to-do lists, your wonderful bright ideas, your most important things that need to get done.

Brain Dump Post It Notes.  I love to stack my new ideas on post-it notes in my one-note book on special pages! I call this a brain dump. Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed. A good old brain dump gets everything out of your head and clears a space so you can see clearly your top priorities.   So many ideas and not enough time, every time you have an idea, write it on a post-it note and stick it in your ONE notebook so it is never lost.

Training ideas Post It Notes After a great online training, or mastermind session, meeting or conference, post-it notes are a great way to re-group the big ideas you want to implement out of your head and into a visual place in front of you.   These could be new goals you want to set in your business or important actions to take right away. Once you have written these ideas on post-it notes you can then organize them into a timeline so you know what to prioritize to get done first.

Post It Note Recruiting priorities.  I’m sure you have a follow-up system, but the most progressive way to grow your team is to have a recruiting follow-up method that keeps you sharing your opportunity.  I recommend to my coaching clients to share their business opportunity at least twice a week and so we use a YELLOW Post-it note to block out 2   one- hour blocks of time every week and their job is to make sure they are scheduling these appointments consistently. This keeps their pipeline full of prospects and the results happen when they have prospects to follow-up with each week.

We discuss organization on hitting goals in my FREE 90-day Challenge Facebook group, join us here if you’re interested in having support and accountability in achieving your goals.

And organization is one of the systems we work on in my L.E.A.P. Mastermind Coaching group. If you’re ready for to learn more about organization in growing your business, check us out here.

What I love about Post-it Notes, they are portable! They help you plan and organize your business by moving them around until you see the results that lead to your success.

How do you use Post It notes when organizing your business? Leave a comment.



Do this ONE THING to get bookings in your Direct Sales Biz

I have been doing a number of mid-year review coaching sessions this month, helping people plan out their next six months.

One of the questions I ask is “What outcomes would you like by the end of 2017?”

The answers all have ONE COMMONALITY trait and it’s all to do with having a calendar full of bookings for themselves and their team members.  The common thread is not having enough bookings on their calendar.  They know it, but they still procrastinate and wish they had more bookings.

Now, I could give you tons of IDEAS on how to get bookings! In fact, I just did a FREE webinar with many proven ideas that truly work. I spent many years focusing on having my own calendar full because I had a very big monetary goal to hit every month.

But, the best advice I can give you is not a booking “idea.” If you truly want a calendar full of bookings yourself and help your team also, then listen up and do this ONE THING!

#1 Decide your monthly pay check!

I had three kids in private colleges and needed to sell $4,284.00 every month to hit the income I needed to pay for their monthly fees.   It was a specific amount, but it kept me focused on having parties every week.


I set this SALES goal every month! If I went over the $4,284 that was gravy, but I sat down with my calendar to figure out how many $500 to $1000 parties I needed to hit my goal because this sales goal HAD to pay for these important fees every month!

I knew I had to keep that calendar full of bookings every month to keep that income stable to pay for the kids college fees.  I developed a menu of events which we work in the Direct Sales Planner system and scheduled out my month with networking events, vendor events, customer care calls, private appointments to keep my calendar full of bookings.

I teach my clients today to work on a 6-PACK of parties!  With six parties every month, you are pretty much sure to have the monthly pay check you want. Unless it’s very high and you need to double it or expand it to 10 parties a month!

Once I began to grow a team and receive the leader commission income, my paycheck began to double!   I had set such a strong habit of holding six parties a month the momentum kept growing and my team kept growing too.

How much do you want or NEED your paycheck to be every month? Run your business around this number and you will begin to see the results you want in getting bookings and having a very profitable direct sales business.

Here’s what this DECISION will do for you!

IT’S THIS DECISION that will help you get on the phone to “ask” for bookings – yes, I know you hate to do it, but if you need that monthly income and pay check you’ll overcome that fear of the phone.

IT’S THIS DECISION that will help you master the skill of getting TWO future bookings at every party. When you get two bookings at every party your calendar is NEVER empty, do you realize this?

IT’S THIS DECISION that will help you develop stronger relationships with your hostesses because as you know the stronger relationships you have with your hostess, the more successful parties you have.

IT’S THIS DECISION that will determine how you work with your hostess and her guest list in getting the RIGHT people to the party.   When you know the right questions to ask your hostess in having guests at the party who LOVE your products and want to BUY your products.  The right questions are on my Pinterest infographic here.

IT’S THIS DECISION that will make you plan and SCHEDULE your bookings out over the next 4 to 8 weeks using the Calendar Confidence System in my Direct Sales Planner. That’s when you will create a waiting list of people who are “waiting” to hostess parties with you.

IT’S THIS DECISION, when you have your calendar FULL of bookings and I mean at least SIX in-home parties with hostesses and a few facebook parties, that will put you in front of 50 or more people every month who are looking for your opportunity AND YOU BUILD A TEAM!

If you decide to do this ONE THING EVERY MONTH –  decide your monthly paycheck and DO IT…

  • consistently
  • every month
  • hitting your target number
  • without fail!

It’s this ONE THING that will help you to always

have a calendar full of bookings!

We all know when your calendar is FULL of bookings and you have a waiting list of people ready to book with you when someone cancels, you will have the cash to pay for the important things you want your business to pay for!

What does your business pay for? How much do you NEED that income every month!  I couldn’t slack off any month, I had to have that pay check coming to pay for those three children who were/are the loves of my life to pay for their college education.

It was this drive every month that built my team to the number one position in my company and it grew to a six figure income business.

READY TO GET  your calendar full and want to learn more about deciding to have a consistent paycheck every month, email for your mid-year review session TODAY!

Tell me more about what you want your paycheck to be on my Facebook page at

I can’t wait to hear from you!



Increase your Direct Sales Income with this ONE Summer Hack.

The summer slowdown is about to happen. You’re going to find team members and even yourself falling victim to FINDING time each day to build your business and grow your team.

The word “HACK” has become a buzz word lately. When I looked it up on wikipaedia, it said it’s a “trick, shortcut, skill or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency.”

I want to share THREE important Summer Hacks with you to help you increase your productivity and efficiency!  Today is HACK #1 (Hack #2 and Hack #3 will be revealed in next weeks blogs posts)

Summer Hack #1

Focus on High Party Sales to Increase your Income

Let’s talk about a routine and Summer Business Hours!  I encourage you to work your OWN Summer hours. Fifteen hours with 1 party a week will get you through the summer with amazing momentum. In my L.E.A.P. GROUP Coaching program, I work very closely in helping leaders work with their team members on a “15 hour-1 party a week routine.”   One party a week consistently can grow your momentum over the summer months.

Most team members are holding FUN THEME PARTIES over the next three months!  The ultimate word is FUN!  I encourage you to focus on the following FUN actions to help you hit the $1,000 sales mark every week and increase your income!

#1   FUN with Hostess Coaching . There is no better time to build that strong relationship with your hostess around a THEME party! Let’s say you’re having a Margarita theme party! Build the FUN with your hostess on inviting her guests to learn about your products over some very cool Margarita’s!   Get her guest list full of friends who love your type of products and love to have fun and party over Margaritas.   When your hostess conveys this fun to her friends they won’t want to miss the party, especially if you’re sharing a very special Margarita recipe. However there will be guests who can’t attend, so give your hostess a special GIFT if she collects $300 in outside orders! (you’re on you way to the $1000 Party sales goal.)

#2   FUN opening at the party. To begin the FUN at the party – hand each guest a margarita as she comes through the door! Everyone is now having fun IMMEDIATELY, so now transition and get everyone situated so you can share a quick and powerful introduction to the FUN party event. Share your powerful story about why you joined your company and how much fun you’re having and how your business makes a difference in your life and family. This FUN opening will get their attention and is a big seed planter for those interested in a fun business opportunity.

#3   FUN time sharing your WOW Demonstration. Gather everyone around to try and sample your products and create lots of interaction with the guests! This is the FUN part! This is how you WOW your guests!

  • Work on selling “sets” or “bundles” of your products – share the value
  • Share your (highest sales) product that everyone loves and why
  • Show how your products solves a problem that everyone wants to know.

Your increasing sales sharing this VALUE with guests. The key is to get everyone sampling, interacting, so ask specific questions that make people pay attention to what they are learning about your products. At the end of your presentation – share your very special “Margarita Recipe” and do a drawing for someone who guesses the main ingredient.

#4   FUN relationship building at checkout. This is the kicker to having HIGH SALES at your party!   Make sure your check-out table is away from the other guests so you can have an intimate conversation with each guest, and get to know them better. Use the wish list to compliment the guest on her choices and suggest an “add-on” product that might go with the order. (Increasing sales)  Many times guests will say ‘no thank you’ but the amount of people who take you up on that add-on makes the difference in your party sales. Ask the guest if she’d like to be added to your VIP Customer group on Facebook and receive your newsletter tips.

#5   FUN follow-up after the party. Thank everyone for ordering by sending a special postcard the NEXT day (not a week later) in the mail. The post card says “Thank you for your order (Suzie). It was great to meet you! I’ll be in touch when you receive your products.”

What do you think your guests will remember most from your parties?

  • Definitely the FUN of being with their friends.
  • Definitely the FUN experience with you sharing your products
  • Definitely the FUN shopping that is like no other!

When you offer FUN at your summer parties, your hostess and her guests will love being with each other sipping margaritas and sampling your products and it’s this FUN that will help you have $1,000 party sales!

What I want you to remember most of all is you have a FABULOUS Business and you have committed to growing your business and growing your team. That’s why 15 hours – 1 party a week routine ofer the summer is important to keep your momentum going.

Adjust your business to YOUR summer biz hours around your busy kids schedules and life and focus on having FUN at every party each week, and use these tips to help you focus on having $1,000 party sales every time.


If you’re ready to make A SHIFT in your biz this summer, then gather up your team members and register for my FREE WEBINAR where you’ll learn

  • Proven booking methods that my coaching clients use to sell $3,000+ every month of the year!
  • Specific Hostess questions that get the “right” attendance at parties!
  • One system that insures you get TWO bookings from every party!
  • A conversion tool that creates bookings every week!
  • A booking strategy that builds confidence in asking for the bookings!
  • ONE STRATEGY that keeps your calendar full of bookings all year round

This Webinar is for leaders and up to 10 team members! Working together on team work and team building.   The dates are June 27 and June 29, 2017

Here’s the link to register here AND GET MORE INFORMATION 



Get your Team Revved up with Summer Theme Parties

What kind of plans do you have for the next three months to keep your team engaged and actively booking parties?   I call them the critical JJA (June, July, August) months.   Critical because it’s these months where, unless you make a plan to support and actively help your team, you may hear things like..

“I’m taking a break over the summer, but I’ll be back in the fall.”, or

“I’m only doing my minimum this summer, so count me out of the team calendar.”

We all know if you STOP doing business one, two or even three months, you will have no business. When the fall rolls around you better be prepared to start over.

One of the best ways to get the team involved in booking parties all through the summer is sharing some special theme parties!   Theme parties are a hit over the summer because hostess and guests experience the THREE MAIN SUCCESS INGREDIENTS of every party which are

#1 FUN.  They have a FUN time with girlfriends around a FUN theme.   Whether it’s a “Margharita” party or a “Bring your ugly beach towel party” everyone looks forward to being with friends, enjoying each other’s company and sampling products in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

#2 LEARN.  They enjoy learning with a FUN theme.   The party presentation is the BEST way for hostess and guests to learn ways to overcome and solve problems using your products.

#3 SHOP.   They experience a FUN shopping experience with their friends getting help on their choices and confirmation about what works for them and their family.

This is the THREE MAIN SUCCESS ingredients of every party – whether it’s in someone’s home or online via zoom or a Facebook party.

Brainstorm with your team!  To keep your team engaged in holding successful parties, brainstorm with them fun themes that will work for where you live or themes that are trending with people in your state during the summer months.

I live in Hawaii, and this is MY beach,  so having an actual BEACH party at the beach might be a great way to share products and get people involved in getting together for

  • a FUN time with girlfriends (on the beach)
  • LEARN new ways to use products (on the beach)
  • SHOP with girlfriends (on the beach.)

Hmmm, so much fun!  Who do I know who wants to party on the beach! (Message me.)

How do you book THEME parties?  The same way you book any party. You ASK people.   Your past hostesses, your best customers, people who have indicated they have an interest. You use the CALENDAR CONFIDENCE system available to you in the Direct Sales Planner and you choose 1, 2 and 3 types of Theme parties you want to hold this summer.

Get your Team revved up about holding Summer Theme Parties.  As a leader, I would suggest you help your team to create flyers, and special graphics to help them get their calendar full in June, July and August.

  • Use your Team Facebook Group and post tips on working with a theme.
  • Write success stories in your weekly Newsletter about experiences team members are having at their theme parties.
  • Share “live Videos” about your experiences!   Hold your own theme parties and share the results in a “live” video with the team.
  • Create a Photo Album Resource with specific graphics about each theme in your Team Facebook group. Graphics they can use for online parties as well.
  • Kick it of with a SPECIFIC THEME Mega Team Facebook event, so everyone is getting the groove of that particular theme.
  • Share tips and ideas to work with Hostesses on making the theme you’ve chosen so much fun they will have no no-shows!
  • Create FUN pop-up parties at the park or coffee shops.

Most importantly, lead your team through the next three critical months with FUN theme parties that everyone wants to attend.

What would your TEAM booking calendar and sales volume look like FULL of Summer Theme parties?  Get my FREE Handout and start creating a FUN team summer party theme flyer for your team.  Click here.

Comment below the type of  summer THEME parties you are holding for your Direct Sales Business.





Attract NEW CUSTOMERS in your Direct Sales Business

I hear this statement over and over … “I’m out of bookings!”    

What? How can this be when you are in the booking party business?

The answer lies in the one-third rule.  

  •  1/3 of your customers are going!   You must bless and release them.
  •  1/3 of your customers are staying! You must love, nurture and serve them, and
  •  1/3 of your customers are coming! You must work on this every week!

This is a cycle in sales and it’s so important to realize that the one-third of your customers are always coming IF (and this is a big IF) you actually work at meeting new people every week in your business.

I have started a NEW series on my Monday Minute Team Building Tips In Facebook Business page. I ‘m sharing ways to EXPAND your business so you will never have a reason to say, “I’m out of bookings!”

In this week’s LIVE video I’m sharing an exercise that will help you work on meeting and attracting new customers into your Direct Sales Business. It’s a simple exercise where you get a map of where you live and draw a one-hour circle around your home or your town (or city.)   Then take a look at what is in that one-hour circle and ask yourself these questions?

  • Who do I know who is a potential customer?
  • What networking organizations can I join?
  • What businesses might need my products?
  • What groups will I connect with?
  • What organizations will I look into?
  • How will I connect with people in that circle?

There is a TON of business waiting for you in that one hour circle. You’ll find out why you draw a one-hour circle in the video and if you truly want to grow your business why you’ll draw a two-hour circle. Watch here.

Business is ALL AROUND you if you are willing to go out and look for it and expand!   This is the beginning of your customer attraction system.

To expand your business you have to continually find ways to meet new people and bring them into your funnel to try your products, buy your products and then hostess a party and maybe even join your team.

FOUR Daily Success Activities.  So, it’s really important to realize that expanding your circle is about making the effort to meet new people and attract them into your funnel or your customer attraction system. Work on the “activity” of meeting new people every day. I recommend you work in four areas of your business and – you guessed it – yes, working on attracting new customers is one of the four areas.

If you want a copy of my FREE PRINTABLE on Daily Success activities get it here.

My suggestion today is to take those words “I’m out of bookings” OUT of your vocabulary and focus on meeting NEW customers every week and begin your own customer attraction system.  

Want more knowledge on this system? Schedule a 30 minute Complimentary strategy session by emailing me at and let’s help you have a full calendar of bookings every month.