Do this ONE THING to get bookings in your Direct Sales Biz

I have been doing a number of mid-year review coaching sessions this month, helping people plan out their next six months.

One of the questions I ask is “What outcomes would you like by the end of 2017?”

The answers all have ONE COMMONALITY trait and it’s all to do with having a calendar full of bookings for themselves and their team members.  The common thread is not having enough bookings on their calendar.  They know it, but they still procrastinate and wish they had more bookings.

Now, I could give you tons of IDEAS on how to get bookings! In fact, I just did a FREE webinar with many proven ideas that truly work. I spent many years focusing on having my own calendar full because I had a very big monetary goal to hit every month.

But, the best advice I can give you is not a booking “idea.” If you truly want a calendar full of bookings yourself and help your team also, then listen up and do this ONE THING!

#1 Decide your monthly pay check!

I had three kids in private colleges and needed to sell $4,284.00 every month to hit the income I needed to pay for their monthly fees.   It was a specific amount, but it kept me focused on having parties every week.


I set this SALES goal every month! If I went over the $4,284 that was gravy, but I sat down with my calendar to figure out how many $500 to $1000 parties I needed to hit my goal because this sales goal HAD to pay for these important fees every month!

I knew I had to keep that calendar full of bookings every month to keep that income stable to pay for the kids college fees.  I developed a menu of events which we work in the Direct Sales Planner system and scheduled out my month with networking events, vendor events, customer care calls, private appointments to keep my calendar full of bookings.

I teach my clients today to work on a 6-PACK of parties!  With six parties every month, you are pretty much sure to have the monthly pay check you want. Unless it’s very high and you need to double it or expand it to 10 parties a month!

Once I began to grow a team and receive the leader commission income, my paycheck began to double!   I had set such a strong habit of holding six parties a month the momentum kept growing and my team kept growing too.

How much do you want or NEED your paycheck to be every month? Run your business around this number and you will begin to see the results you want in getting bookings and having a very profitable direct sales business.

Here’s what this DECISION will do for you!

IT’S THIS DECISION that will help you get on the phone to “ask” for bookings – yes, I know you hate to do it, but if you need that monthly income and pay check you’ll overcome that fear of the phone.

IT’S THIS DECISION that will help you master the skill of getting TWO future bookings at every party. When you get two bookings at every party your calendar is NEVER empty, do you realize this?

IT’S THIS DECISION that will help you develop stronger relationships with your hostesses because as you know the stronger relationships you have with your hostess, the more successful parties you have.

IT’S THIS DECISION that will determine how you work with your hostess and her guest list in getting the RIGHT people to the party.   When you know the right questions to ask your hostess in having guests at the party who LOVE your products and want to BUY your products.  The right questions are on my Pinterest infographic here.

IT’S THIS DECISION that will make you plan and SCHEDULE your bookings out over the next 4 to 8 weeks using the Calendar Confidence System in my Direct Sales Planner. That’s when you will create a waiting list of people who are “waiting” to hostess parties with you.

IT’S THIS DECISION, when you have your calendar FULL of bookings and I mean at least SIX in-home parties with hostesses and a few facebook parties, that will put you in front of 50 or more people every month who are looking for your opportunity AND YOU BUILD A TEAM!

If you decide to do this ONE THING EVERY MONTH –  decide your monthly paycheck and DO IT…

  • consistently
  • every month
  • hitting your target number
  • without fail!

It’s this ONE THING that will help you to always

have a calendar full of bookings!

We all know when your calendar is FULL of bookings and you have a waiting list of people ready to book with you when someone cancels, you will have the cash to pay for the important things you want your business to pay for!

What does your business pay for? How much do you NEED that income every month!  I couldn’t slack off any month, I had to have that pay check coming to pay for those three children who were/are the loves of my life to pay for their college education.

It was this drive every month that built my team to the number one position in my company and it grew to a six figure income business.

READY TO GET  your calendar full and want to learn more about deciding to have a consistent paycheck every month, email for your mid-year review session TODAY!

Tell me more about what you want your paycheck to be on my Facebook page at

I can’t wait to hear from you!



Increase your Direct Sales Income with this ONE Summer Hack.

The summer slowdown is about to happen. You’re going to find team members and even yourself falling victim to FINDING time each day to build your business and grow your team.

The word “HACK” has become a buzz word lately. When I looked it up on wikipaedia, it said it’s a “trick, shortcut, skill or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency.”

I want to share THREE important Summer Hacks with you to help you increase your productivity and efficiency!  Today is HACK #1 (Hack #2 and Hack #3 will be revealed in next weeks blogs posts)

Summer Hack #1

Focus on High Party Sales to Increase your Income

Let’s talk about a routine and Summer Business Hours!  I encourage you to work your OWN Summer hours. Fifteen hours with 1 party a week will get you through the summer with amazing momentum. In my L.E.A.P. GROUP Coaching program, I work very closely in helping leaders work with their team members on a “15 hour-1 party a week routine.”   One party a week consistently can grow your momentum over the summer months.

Most team members are holding FUN THEME PARTIES over the next three months!  The ultimate word is FUN!  I encourage you to focus on the following FUN actions to help you hit the $1,000 sales mark every week and increase your income!

#1   FUN with Hostess Coaching . There is no better time to build that strong relationship with your hostess around a THEME party! Let’s say you’re having a Margarita theme party! Build the FUN with your hostess on inviting her guests to learn about your products over some very cool Margarita’s!   Get her guest list full of friends who love your type of products and love to have fun and party over Margaritas.   When your hostess conveys this fun to her friends they won’t want to miss the party, especially if you’re sharing a very special Margarita recipe. However there will be guests who can’t attend, so give your hostess a special GIFT if she collects $300 in outside orders! (you’re on you way to the $1000 Party sales goal.)

#2   FUN opening at the party. To begin the FUN at the party – hand each guest a margarita as she comes through the door! Everyone is now having fun IMMEDIATELY, so now transition and get everyone situated so you can share a quick and powerful introduction to the FUN party event. Share your powerful story about why you joined your company and how much fun you’re having and how your business makes a difference in your life and family. This FUN opening will get their attention and is a big seed planter for those interested in a fun business opportunity.

#3   FUN time sharing your WOW Demonstration. Gather everyone around to try and sample your products and create lots of interaction with the guests! This is the FUN part! This is how you WOW your guests!

  • Work on selling “sets” or “bundles” of your products – share the value
  • Share your (highest sales) product that everyone loves and why
  • Show how your products solves a problem that everyone wants to know.

Your increasing sales sharing this VALUE with guests. The key is to get everyone sampling, interacting, so ask specific questions that make people pay attention to what they are learning about your products. At the end of your presentation – share your very special “Margarita Recipe” and do a drawing for someone who guesses the main ingredient.

#4   FUN relationship building at checkout. This is the kicker to having HIGH SALES at your party!   Make sure your check-out table is away from the other guests so you can have an intimate conversation with each guest, and get to know them better. Use the wish list to compliment the guest on her choices and suggest an “add-on” product that might go with the order. (Increasing sales)  Many times guests will say ‘no thank you’ but the amount of people who take you up on that add-on makes the difference in your party sales. Ask the guest if she’d like to be added to your VIP Customer group on Facebook and receive your newsletter tips.

#5   FUN follow-up after the party. Thank everyone for ordering by sending a special postcard the NEXT day (not a week later) in the mail. The post card says “Thank you for your order (Suzie). It was great to meet you! I’ll be in touch when you receive your products.”

What do you think your guests will remember most from your parties?

  • Definitely the FUN of being with their friends.
  • Definitely the FUN experience with you sharing your products
  • Definitely the FUN shopping that is like no other!

When you offer FUN at your summer parties, your hostess and her guests will love being with each other sipping margaritas and sampling your products and it’s this FUN that will help you have $1,000 party sales!

What I want you to remember most of all is you have a FABULOUS Business and you have committed to growing your business and growing your team. That’s why 15 hours – 1 party a week routine ofer the summer is important to keep your momentum going.

Adjust your business to YOUR summer biz hours around your busy kids schedules and life and focus on having FUN at every party each week, and use these tips to help you focus on having $1,000 party sales every time.


If you’re ready to make A SHIFT in your biz this summer, then gather up your team members and register for my FREE WEBINAR where you’ll learn

  • Proven booking methods that my coaching clients use to sell $3,000+ every month of the year!
  • Specific Hostess questions that get the “right” attendance at parties!
  • One system that insures you get TWO bookings from every party!
  • A conversion tool that creates bookings every week!
  • A booking strategy that builds confidence in asking for the bookings!
  • ONE STRATEGY that keeps your calendar full of bookings all year round

This Webinar is for leaders and up to 10 team members! Working together on team work and team building.   The dates are June 27 and June 29, 2017

Here’s the link to register here AND GET MORE INFORMATION 



Get your Team Revved up with Summer Theme Parties

What kind of plans do you have for the next three months to keep your team engaged and actively booking parties?   I call them the critical JJA (June, July, August) months.   Critical because it’s these months where, unless you make a plan to support and actively help your team, you may hear things like..

“I’m taking a break over the summer, but I’ll be back in the fall.”, or

“I’m only doing my minimum this summer, so count me out of the team calendar.”

We all know if you STOP doing business one, two or even three months, you will have no business. When the fall rolls around you better be prepared to start over.

One of the best ways to get the team involved in booking parties all through the summer is sharing some special theme parties!   Theme parties are a hit over the summer because hostess and guests experience the THREE MAIN SUCCESS INGREDIENTS of every party which are

#1 FUN.  They have a FUN time with girlfriends around a FUN theme.   Whether it’s a “Margharita” party or a “Bring your ugly beach towel party” everyone looks forward to being with friends, enjoying each other’s company and sampling products in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

#2 LEARN.  They enjoy learning with a FUN theme.   The party presentation is the BEST way for hostess and guests to learn ways to overcome and solve problems using your products.

#3 SHOP.   They experience a FUN shopping experience with their friends getting help on their choices and confirmation about what works for them and their family.

This is the THREE MAIN SUCCESS ingredients of every party – whether it’s in someone’s home or online via zoom or a Facebook party.

Brainstorm with your team!  To keep your team engaged in holding successful parties, brainstorm with them fun themes that will work for where you live or themes that are trending with people in your state during the summer months.

I live in Hawaii, and this is MY beach,  so having an actual BEACH party at the beach might be a great way to share products and get people involved in getting together for

  • a FUN time with girlfriends (on the beach)
  • LEARN new ways to use products (on the beach)
  • SHOP with girlfriends (on the beach.)

Hmmm, so much fun!  Who do I know who wants to party on the beach! (Message me.)

How do you book THEME parties?  The same way you book any party. You ASK people.   Your past hostesses, your best customers, people who have indicated they have an interest. You use the CALENDAR CONFIDENCE system available to you in the Direct Sales Planner and you choose 1, 2 and 3 types of Theme parties you want to hold this summer.

Get your Team revved up about holding Summer Theme Parties.  As a leader, I would suggest you help your team to create flyers, and special graphics to help them get their calendar full in June, July and August.

  • Use your Team Facebook Group and post tips on working with a theme.
  • Write success stories in your weekly Newsletter about experiences team members are having at their theme parties.
  • Share “live Videos” about your experiences!   Hold your own theme parties and share the results in a “live” video with the team.
  • Create a Photo Album Resource with specific graphics about each theme in your Team Facebook group. Graphics they can use for online parties as well.
  • Kick it of with a SPECIFIC THEME Mega Team Facebook event, so everyone is getting the groove of that particular theme.
  • Share tips and ideas to work with Hostesses on making the theme you’ve chosen so much fun they will have no no-shows!
  • Create FUN pop-up parties at the park or coffee shops.

Most importantly, lead your team through the next three critical months with FUN theme parties that everyone wants to attend.

What would your TEAM booking calendar and sales volume look like FULL of Summer Theme parties?  Get my FREE Handout and start creating a FUN team summer party theme flyer for your team.  Click here.

Comment below the type of  summer THEME parties you are holding for your Direct Sales Business.





Attract NEW CUSTOMERS in your Direct Sales Business

I hear this statement over and over … “I’m out of bookings!”    

What? How can this be when you are in the booking party business?

The answer lies in the one-third rule.  

  •  1/3 of your customers are going!   You must bless and release them.
  •  1/3 of your customers are staying! You must love, nurture and serve them, and
  •  1/3 of your customers are coming! You must work on this every week!

This is a cycle in sales and it’s so important to realize that the one-third of your customers are always coming IF (and this is a big IF) you actually work at meeting new people every week in your business.

I have started a NEW series on my Monday Minute Team Building Tips In Facebook Business page. I ‘m sharing ways to EXPAND your business so you will never have a reason to say, “I’m out of bookings!”

In this week’s LIVE video I’m sharing an exercise that will help you work on meeting and attracting new customers into your Direct Sales Business. It’s a simple exercise where you get a map of where you live and draw a one-hour circle around your home or your town (or city.)   Then take a look at what is in that one-hour circle and ask yourself these questions?

  • Who do I know who is a potential customer?
  • What networking organizations can I join?
  • What businesses might need my products?
  • What groups will I connect with?
  • What organizations will I look into?
  • How will I connect with people in that circle?

There is a TON of business waiting for you in that one hour circle. You’ll find out why you draw a one-hour circle in the video and if you truly want to grow your business why you’ll draw a two-hour circle. Watch here.

Business is ALL AROUND you if you are willing to go out and look for it and expand!   This is the beginning of your customer attraction system.

To expand your business you have to continually find ways to meet new people and bring them into your funnel to try your products, buy your products and then hostess a party and maybe even join your team.

FOUR Daily Success Activities.  So, it’s really important to realize that expanding your circle is about making the effort to meet new people and attract them into your funnel or your customer attraction system. Work on the “activity” of meeting new people every day. I recommend you work in four areas of your business and – you guessed it – yes, working on attracting new customers is one of the four areas.

If you want a copy of my FREE PRINTABLE on Daily Success activities get it here.

My suggestion today is to take those words “I’m out of bookings” OUT of your vocabulary and focus on meeting NEW customers every week and begin your own customer attraction system.  

Want more knowledge on this system? Schedule a 30 minute Complimentary strategy session by emailing me at and let’s help you have a full calendar of bookings every month.



5 Steps to Higher Party Sales

We all know holding parties is the key to having a successful Direct Sales Business.   And having “high” party sales is always the ultimate goal. In my coaching programs, I work with my clients on having at least $1,000 party sales.

Funnily enough, we don’t work on “selling” the products. We work on the “experience:” you offer at your parties. I remember meeting people who would say, “I love your fashions, Gale, I bought some at a recent party. “ I would say, “Oh I’m so glad you love them. Who was your Fashion consultant at the party?” and most times the answer was,

“Oh, gosh. I can’t remember. I think her name was Anne, I’m not sure.”

WOW – that statement made me sit up and pay attention!   I wanted to make sure every party I held I was giving the guests and the hostess a WOW Experience. That meant  they would remember the FUN they had, the products they saw and the PEOPLE they interacted with, and most of all they would remember me and my name!  That’s because I remembered their names when they were introduced to me so when I followed up the very next day, I had built a beautiful new friendship.  And it was this philosophy that led me to having high $1000 party sales nearly every time.

Are you paying attention to the “experience” you’re offering your hostess and guests? Are they leaving your parties saying, “Wow” this was so much fun, “I want to have my own party with my friends!”

The FUN party experience is that ONE thing that is missing when people shop at a mall or online or any other retail place.   At every party you are offering three ways to have a “WOW” EXPERIENCE.

  • #1 A FUN get-together for your hostess and friends
  • #2 A LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Something that helps them learn the benefits of your products that offer fantastic solutions.
  • #3 A unique shopping experience they don’t find at the malls (sometimes) with disgruntled shop assistants.

It’s this “WOW” Party experience that makes people “REMEMBER.”

  • They remember the products because they learn the benefits they offer through your demonstration
  • They remember the people because they enjoy interacting, laughing, having fun with each other.
  • They remember YOU because you have brought them together and your party experience is so memorable, they want to attend another one with their friends.

So, how do you offer this amazing memorable WOW PARTY EXPERIENCE? Here are 5 tips to begin. 

  1. Best Friend Forever Hostess. Always build that “BFF” relationship with your hostess.   Share what’s in it for her with the hostess credits and the fun. Let her know the details of how everything will go down at her event. I always recommend you have three connections before every party. First, on the phone and the next 2 via text.
  2. Attract them from the beginning with your Intro. Having a powerful introduction, sets the tone for the rest of the party! Make it short with lots of interesting information and most importantly share why your business makes a difference for you and your family.
  3. Make your Demonstration memorable. This is the “learning” experience you’re offering. Create an atmosphere that’s warm and captures the group’s attention. As the guests sample your products, make them feel relaxed and make sure they are enjoying themselves. Maybe sipping on wine (or non beverages) and snacks, laughing and joking with their friends. (This is the memorable part.) Ask questions and keep it interactive so people give their opinions on why they love the product, or learn a new solution from a product they didn’t know before. I call this part of the party the KILLER demonstration. I knew I had nailed it when people said to me, “Gale your presentation was so fantastic!”
  4. Segue to checkout. This is an important part of the party that many people leave out. The demonstration’s over and the fun is waning. It’s important that you work with your hostess to take over answering questions or filling glasses, as you say, “I have everything set up at my check-out station, who will be the first.” Usually someone puts up their hand and the two of you move to check-out and everyone is happily being cared for by the hostess.
  5. Build a NEW best friend at Checkout. Checkout is where the magic happens! It’s where you get to build a new best friend who becomes your next hostess. I share with my clients SIX steps to becoming an expert at check-out that builds the sale, get’s a future booking and finds that perfect prospect for your team.

If you want a $1000 party every time,

you must work on sharing a memorable experience for your hostess and your guests.   Of course there are seed planters you must add and other aspects, but begin with these 5 steps and begin the process of having higher sales at every party you hold going into the summer months.

Get more details on how to have a WOW PARTY experience in my “Wow PartyExperience CD”. Listen very closely and take notes and put into action these 5 STEPS!

Summer is nearly upon us! Have a plan for your business over the summer months? Schedule a 30 min complimentary coaching call. Email Gale at and create a summer success strategy for you to follow!



5 Ways to ADD VALUE in your Team Facebook Group

In our CALENDAR GIRLS Team Booking system we work on a specific communication system that helps leaders build deeper relationships with team members.

Embracing the amazing technology open to us today increases the ability for leaders to strengthen your team through social media and more specifically a Team Facebook group.

A leaders job is to guide their team in growing a successful direct sales business. Having your own TEAM Facebook group enables you to communicate daily with your team in supporting them in their quest to have successful sales, bookings and recruiting. If you haven’t created your “own” TEAM Facebook group, I highly suggest you do it as soon as possible.

I work with many leaders who are growing at a rapid pace using this method of communication and they are having amazing results.   Results where team members are growing their confidence as entrepreneurs and direct sellers.

When you add VALUE to your team members, they aspire to greatness!  They take action because they know they are being supported by a strong and dynamic leader!  Here are 5 ways to add VALUE in your TEAM Facebook group

#1 Recogniton:   This is the absolute number one way to add value to your team members! Always recognize the following

  • TOP in sales, booking and recruiting. Of course you’ll do shout outs for the top team members. Use graphics with their “name” and their “top” stat. People who hit the top in your team are role models for others.
  • Small successes are just as important. Recognize people who do one thing that stretches them. Others will celebrate this small success and this will build their confidence.
  • Recognize FIRSTS! Team members love to be recognized for their first party, their first booking, their first recruit. It could even be their first $500 party or their first person who said “yes” to hearing more about the business opportunity.
  • Recognize party sales $500 and $1000 plus. This is a great way to increase sales at parties.

I could add a ton more recognition ideas, but you get the picture.  You can never recognize enough!  It is the most important area to ADD VALUE to your team and doing it daily in your Team Facebook group gives you the opportunity to lift their spirits and build their confidence.

#2 Product Knowledge:   Your team cannot get enough information about your products. They always love learning how to share product benefits with their customers. Create innovative ways to always post .

  • FACTS that are true and give guidance.
  • BENEFITS that assist customers in having a better life
  • How your products make a DIFFERENCE in people’s lives.
  • How your products make people feel.

Your team will love sharing this information with their customers and you will be adding value to their own facebook groups and business pages.

#3 Create a GRAPHICS album.   Your team will LOVE this value. They are always looking for good graphics to share. Two of my favorite ways to create specific graphics are “Canva” and an app called “Word Swag.” Create graphics that are specific to

  • Products
  • Business Opportunity
  • Party Success
  • Hostess Success

An album helps team members share information in their own social media platforms and they are approved and stunning because you made them.

#4 Add value sharing your Team MISSION often.   What is your team mission? One of my clients recently shared that she is on a mission to change the world one chemically free household at a time and she spreads throughout her team every week in her TEAM Facebook group. Find your mission and keep it in front of them as often as possible. Your mission is unique to your team and it this mission will attract others to join your team. Make your team mission your true north!

#5 Add LIVE Video weekly. Your team needs to know the “authentic” you and live video in your team facebook group gives you the opportunity to share tips and important information about your products, your company, and your team. Live video is an amazing vehicle that will help your team with their productivity, their organization and their mindset in staying positive. When you share from your heart, you are building a team of people who believe in your products, your vision and your team mission.


Posting every day in your TEAM Facebook group is the key to engaging and inspiring your team to take action. Of course these take up your time, so I recommend scheduling your posts using a scheduling platform. My favorite is cinchshare you can check it out here.

Adding value using each one of these five ways will help you improve your team results. And it’s team results we work on in my L.E.A.P. Group Coaching program.

As summer approaches think about where you want to be when the busy fall season rolls around. If you are a leader or maybe going into leadership for the first time and want to learn how to build a strong and dynamic team, take a look into the L.E.A.P. Group coaching program.

In this program I help you

  • set goals and timelines to achieve success
  • focus on being accountable to those goals
  • Support you with systems and strategies that work
  • Share important productivity tips so you don’t go into overwhelm
  • Help you and your team stay consistent in growing each month.

Be ready to L.E.A.P. to your next career level by the fall learning specific systems and strategies working with a group of dedicated leaders like yourself.

Questions?  Email Gale Bates at 

And share below which of the 5 ways you will implement in your TEAM Facebook page.


Plan your Direct Sales Business with a system – Step 4

The key with systems is to not to re-invent the wheel each time you do something in your business. Instead, when something works, you repeat it over and over. Then it becomes a system and if the system is good, it will create great results over and over again.

That’s how I created the Direct Sales Planner “system.” It is designed for you to create habits that help you run a smooth and well-oiled machine in your direct sales business.

I believe in having simple systems, and that’s why I’m sharing the 4-step process to planning a successful week in your business. When you PLAN to have a successful week every month, soon you’ll find you’re not only getting things done, but you’re wending your way to achieving those big goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far in planning your week with the Direct Sales planner system.

  • We began with step 1 setting weekly goals by creating a one hour Sunday night ritual. It’s important to write your weekly goals in ONE place in the weekly planner page in the Direct Sales Planner system. When you review these goals every day, it keeps you focused on achieving and accomplishing your goals each week!


  • Next in Step 2, I shared a time blocking exercise that helps you get clear with working in 3 hour blocks of time to get things done! This time blocking exercise helps you focus on what is truly important because you now know how to juggle family, life and your business.



  • In Step 3, I shared with you the POWER of writing down THREE priorities on each day of the week. We talked about your long to-do list and how to prioritize what’s important. Then writing down those three priorities in the space which is HIGHLIGHTED In your planner so you know exactly what to focus on each morning when you connect with your planner at your desk.

STEP 4 is simple but powerful

Planning your weekly dinner menu

You may think planning your dinner menu has nothing to do with running your Direct Sales business, but it’s one of those habits that I believe frees up your mind so you can truly “focus” on your business each day. In fact, this week I met with a leader and was showing her how to use her planner going over these four steps and when I showed her step 4, planning the weekly dinner menu’s, her eyes lit up and she said, “This is so helpful. I get it! “

Figuring out “What’s for dinner” every day takes a big chunk of your time, but if you make it part of your weekly plan each week, (in your Sunday night ritual planning) you’ll find you get more done in your day every day. This is because you are not only organized with your shopping lists, but your mind is clear about feeding your family, and when a woman knows her family is taken care of, she is happy and confident in running her home based business.

And of course, I have a lovely FREE printable download for you to help you plan your weekly meals.

Get it FREE here.

The DIRECT SALES PLANNER is available at a special DISCOUNT for the month of April.

Click this link and apply the code SPRING10!

I can’t wait to invite you into our special secret Facebook group for those who use this planner system.

In the meantime if you’re ready to truly grow your business with systems like this one that I teach my coaching clients, then email me at for a complimentary 30 minute strategy session.

Once you get into the habit of using this simple 4-step planning process beginning with a Sunday night ritual, you’ll find it is a huge time efficient habit that will help you stay out of overwhelm and feel in control of your business and your life.

Comment below how you will move forward in planning your business each week.



Plan your Direct Sales Business with a system – Step 3

When you plan your week ahead, you set in motion your goals, your time and your priorities to have a successful direct sales business.

Today, is step three in this 4-step process of planning your Direct Sales Business   using the Direct Sales Planner system.

  • We began with step 1 setting weekly goals. It’s important to write your weekly goals in ONE place in the weekly planner page in the Direct Sales Planner system. When you review these goals every day, it keeps you focused on achieving and accomplishing your goals each week!
  • Next, I shared a time blocking exercise that helps you get clear with working in 3 hour blocks of time to get things done!

Now, you are ready for Step 3


Writing down Daily Priorities

When you order the Direct Sales planner, you’re invited into a special secret Facebook group where our mantra is

“What gets scheduled, gets done!”

The Direct Sales Planner “system” is designed for you to run a smooth and well-oiled machine in your direct sales business.   The key with systems is to not to re-invent the wheel each time you do something in your business. Instead, when something works, you repeat it over and over. Then it becomes a system and if the system is good, it will create great results over and over again.

In today’s busy world, it’s so easy to get caught up with a very long to-do list that seems endless in getting things done! If we try to get everything done  on that list, you find yourself getting stressed, burned out and overwhelmed.

The Power of 3.

When you focus on your priorities to get things done it allows you to spend time on the important things that brings you the best results. So, this requires you to make decisions on writing down THREE priorities for each day that ultimately helps you achieve your weekly goal.

Why THREE PRIORITIES? They say our brains understand, remember and feel a sense of completeness when things come in threes.   Three has a rhythm. Three’s have a structure of a beginning, middle and end to our thoughts or story. Again, it’s a pattern and they say our brain gives more emphasis to anything when it sees a pattern. For example, there is

  • ready, set, go
  • gold, silver, bronze
  • Goldilocks and the three bears.

So, setting THREE priorities from your long to-do list each day as it is laid out in the Direct Sales Planner, will help you FOCUS on what’s important and each week achieve small goals that eventually help you hit the big ones that make a difference.

You can see how this is all fitting together like a system…

  • You begin with your Sunday night ritual to plan your week
  • You write in your Direct Sales Planner your weekly goal
  • You then figure the time you have to work your business to achieve the goal doing the time blocking exercise.
  • Now, it’s coming together when you set THREE daily priorities to actually get things done!

Now you’re getting that feeling of being in the flow in your business. Once you accomplish those three daily priorities, the rest of the day is a bonus. You’ll find you have more energy, more creativity to devote to more of those items on your to-do list.

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Plan your Direct Sales Business with a System – Step 2

There are FOUR simple steps to planning your business with the DIRECT SALES PLANNER system and running your business like a well-oiled machine.

Yesterday was Step ONE where I shared with you the importance of setting weekly goals. It’s easy to set weekly goals in ONE place in the weekly planner page in the Direct Sales Planner system. Now you have a path to follow for the week and a place to review these goals every day.  This keeps you focused on achieving and accomplishing your goals each week!

Now, let me share with you the second step to planning your week!


Planning with Time Blocking

Step 2 is a crucial piece to the 4-step system because it allows you to be successful in getting things done with a weekly time structure. When you figure the amount of time you have available to run your business each week you are organized and feel more in control. So many people run from the hip and spend too much time being distracted with social media and other things, by the time the week rolls through, they have not accomplished what they wanted in their business.

The Direct Sales Planner “system” is designed for you to run a smooth and well-oiled machine in your direct sales business.   The key with systems is to not to re-invent the wheel each time you do something in your business. Instead, when something works, you repeat it over and over. Then it becomes a system and if the system is good, it will create great results over and over again.

The value of doing this time blocking exercise every week helps you get the best results in having high sales, consistent bookings and many new recruits joining your team.

A special time blocking exercise is laid out in the DIRECT SALES PLANNER on a weekly planning page with instructions to figure out how many 3 hour blocks of time you have to work your business each week. And, it’s important you do this every week, because every week changes right?

Time is the most precious commodity we own. Our time! And there are 168 hours in one week. In the Time blocking exercise we

  • look at things you’re committed to every week, like taking kids to school, or perhaps you have a full time or part time job.
  • Then we review what lifestyle events like attending the gym, or family dinners are scheduled.
  • Once this is done, you now know exactly how many blocks of time are left in your week to work in your business.

When I do this exercise with my clients, we find at least 5 three-hour blocks of time available for your business. If you don’t devote at least 15 hours a week to your business, you really don’t have a business, you have a hobby!

It’s a wonderful thing to know exactly how much time that you have each week to devote to your business. In each of those three hour blocks of time, you take action on

  • Planning and organizing your parties with hostess coaching and follow-up.
  • Arranging coffee chat conversations with prospects.
  • Scheduling time for your follow-up work
  • Setting dates to plan and hold team events in supporting your team.

As the saying goes, “Time waits for no man!” so doing this weekly TIME BLOCKING exercise every week is the answer to hearing yourself say. “Help, I can’t get it all done!”

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Are you ready to be organized with a simple system that gets results?


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Then check back tomorrow for Step 3 on how to plan your week in your Direct Sales Business. I will share with you how to set priorities that bring results.

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Plan your Direct Sales Business with a system – Step 1

Would you like your Direct Sales Business to run like a well-oiled machine?   It can happen if you “plan!” Most importantly, plan your business every week.   When things run like a well-oiled machine, you feel organized, there is much less room for confusion and you get great results! Results like successful parties, and future bookings and people who say “yes” to joining your team.

The Direct Sales Planner “system” is designed for you to run a smooth and well-oiled direct sales business.   The key with systems is to not to re-invent the wheel each time you do something in your business. Instead, when something works, you repeat it over and over. Then it becomes a system and if the system is good, it will create great results over and over again.

For the next four blog posts I am going to lay out a weekly plan working with the Direct Sales Planner system that will help you run your direct sales business like a well-oiled machine!

  • In Step 1, you will discover how to plan with a Sunday night Ritual and set weekly goals.
  • In Step 2, I will share with you an exercise on how to create blocks of time to help you be consistent in your business every week.
  • Step 3 is about being clear with setting daily priorities to take action and get things done, and
  • Step 4, believe it or not, is all about a dinner menu that keeps your well-oiled system running like a charm.


Planning with weekly goals

 Your weekly planning begins on a SUNDAY NIGHT! I call it the Sunday Night Planning Ritual. What you need:

  • Direct Sales Planner
  • Scheduler (online or offline)
  • One Notebook
  • Your favorite pen
  • Green Sticky Notes

Don’t leave your week to chance and think you will get it done on Monday. If you plan on Sunday night you are ready and have a structure for the whole week.

Set Weekly Goals .   The benefits of setting weekly goals is enormous, because they are usually smaller sub-goals that are part of your big overall yearly and monthly goals. Taking action on lesser goals each week is that step-by-step focus on truly achieving the things you want in your business.

To set your weekly goal or goals you want to have clarity! So, ask yourself a few questions.

  • What do I want to achieve this week?
  • How many parties have I scheduled this week?
  • How many MORE parties do I want to schedule?
  • How many are in-home parties?
  • How many are facebook parties?
  • What preparations do I need for these parties?
  • How many recruiting appointments have I scheduled this week?
  • How many customer service calls will I make this week?
  • What other follow-up needs to be done?

Once you answer questions pertaining to your personal sales, bookings and recruiting for the week you get a clear picture of setting your weekly goal.

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Once you order your planner, you’re invited into a special secret Facebook group where our mantra is  “What gets scheduled, gets done”

Are you ready to be organized with a simple system that gets results?

Try a sample page from this planner Get it FREE

And check back tomorrow, for Step 2 on how to plan your week in your direct sales business.   I will show you how to plan your TIME to get things done with a special exercise!